Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Well, one good thing came out of lying around like a pneumonic lump today...I created my first pattern! Okay, I've played with a few things that possibly could've turned into patterns but I never bothered before...never felt the potential like this little fella has...Meet Zroz ( it? 'Kay...)

Zroz step out and a little ATC I did for my Bugga...
So there I was, happily playing catch up in my Tangle A Day calendar (yes...just a wee bit behind...) I wanted to do another of my heart/triangle Auraknot/Bunzo from the duo-tangle Diva Challenge this week (though, I don't quite like this one as much as I liked the original...blacking in the sides rather than filling them with Bunzo felt flat this time around...). Tossed in a little Inapod, then what?? Hmmm...a few circles filled with some aura looking bulls eyes kinda zip, shade it up, viola! I originally tagged it Oh's in the corner but immediately Zroz popped into my head (conveniently AFTER I'd inked in the Oh's...grrffff,,,) But, I think there are tons and tons of variation possibilities with this--fills for the O's and for the bulls eyes....Many, many ways to play!! I was only disappointed to find out I couldn't submit it to Tangle Patterns since there's penciling in and erasing involved (not quite zen enough...) but, that's okay...I'll still play with it and anyone else who'd like to give it a whirl, by all means--go for it!
Bunzo, Auraknot, Inapod, and Oh...Zroz (haha)
Lookee that! Really happy with my Inapod...
So, enjoy! Hope to see what all you zentanglers out there will do with Zroz....


  1. I love Zroz and I still love your heart-shaped Auraknot! Beautiful!

  2. Love it, Dawn. Straight into my pattern folder!

  3. Wonderful Dawn - gotta do this one :))

  4. Hi Dawn - I went to it straight away, stopped doing my dare :)

    it's in my Flickr photostream.

  5. I love your Zroz, has to try that one. I love your postcards, they are beautiful! love 'n greetz, Ellen