Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Catching Up and Crazies

The craziness carries on this week...The migraine that crippled me Monday and Tuesday finally let up yesterday morning-praise God--but then I pulled something in my lower back trying to put Sweet Pea up in bed and gimped around in more agonizing pain all day. My car is acting up--it's not been wanting to go in reverse, makes a big, rather violent jerk after laying on the gas pedal. Yesterday it decided maybe it didn't want to go forward either. I'm not taking it anywhere today. Or tomorrow. Hubby's having it checked this weekend. My luck I'd get stranded somewhere over in Dartmouth with no way to get back home again, so staying right here where I'm safe and happy and not in need of emergency transportation. Then the cuckoo crazy icing on the wacko cake this week comes from Ruby (our almost eleven year old Pyrenees mix) who is now afraid to go into the kitchen. Mind you, she needs to go through the kitchen to get to the back door to go outside. Nope. Not interested...Why???? She peers terrifyingly at the pantry and veers as far away from it when I've managed to coax her to the back door, shielding her bodily from whatever she's imagining is lurking in there...Then she didn't want to come back in! I had to bribe her with string cheese as she bolted back to the safety of the livingroom. (Bolted...this one who fell down the flight of stairs last week...) Nothing has come crashing out of the pantry at her, as far as I know, in the previous twenty-four hours to cause this strange attack of paranoia, and I'd been home with her the whole time. I can't imagine what's gotten into her head. She's doing it again this morning...won't step a paw into the kitchen, just lears at the pantry door from the safety of the hallway. Tuck and Pea aren't showing any reservations-they jaunt fearlessly in and out the back door a hundred times a day, scratch at the pantry door for treats and chewies...No idea what bug has gotten in Boo's baffled brain...Just another day in Cuckoo Crazyville...won't you join us??
I did play a little catch up yesterday afternoon (after catching up on a monster pile of laundry and a host of other cleaning chores, which more await me today...) Another page from the Tangle A Day Calendar:
Played with a little distortion of Shoshi's Y-ful Power, and Mi-2
And I finished my photo mat for the Zentangle Swap on Facebook--yay!
Heartstring, Zedbra, Puf, Verve
Scratching those piled up projects off my list!! Getting there, anyways! Hope everybody is having a fantastic and far less weird week than we are! Thanks for checking in!


  1. I like your photo mat, it turned out very nice.

  2. Take care of yourself - migraines are not easy & it's definitely wise to stay put & not drive by the sounds of all that you've got going on. The tangles look super - finally had notification that my Tangle a Day might be arriving.........
    Much love
    Paula (PEP)

    1. Oh Paula!
      You'll love it! So much fun to play with and Carole's work throughout is gorgeous, as always! Yay!