Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another Week/Month Flying By...

Having a quiet last week of February here, feeling a little, I don't know--not really mopey but not exactly effusive, either...Just kind of blasรจ maybe. Nonetheless...arting on this week and lacking a Diva's challenge, I've made myself a list of other projects to play with and finished the first of these last night:
This was inspired by a post on Pinterest called TubeWorms, which in our wonderful world of Zentangle really just translates to a whole page of Bunzo. It was fun to draw, to just escape into those simple repetitive curved lines. The camera wasn't crazy about it though, all those lines kept coming out blurry--too much to try to focus, I guess?
Then this little stacker came from Letter Love. I'm still contemplating Whimsy Grids and one of the projects was to stack alphabets in a box of sorts--which I did, then remembering a post on The Rainbow Elephant about pattern stacking, I thought I'd play a little with that concept and did this:

Hubby asked where the rest of the letters were...always the wisenheimer....
And, last but not least, Ash has asked me to draw up a rose compass design for a new tattoo for her, so we sat and collaborated on specific design elements she was most drawn to, and I whipped this up on Monday. Hubby brought me home a compass that night so I plan to fine tune the outer rings and try a shaded version of the Fleur de Lis rather than the solid black (though Ash says she likes it that way...Her skin, her choice, right?)

Today is soup day-making some Portuguese kale soup, perfect for the cloudy rainy day ahead. Happy Wednesday!
Be grateful for what the Father has given you. Spend money as He would spend it.
Be generous as God is generous. God loves a cheerful giver because He is a cheerful giver.
“You are rich in everything—in faith, in speaking, in knowledge, in truly wanting to help, and in the love you learned from us. In the same way, be strong also in the grace of giving.”
2 Corinthians 8:7

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another Whimsy Grid...Well, Sort Of...

I fell in love with lettering way back when I was just a kid--so many possibilities, variations to play with on a simple alphabet. Toss some brilliant quotes in the mix and my brain just boggles. Love, love, love lettering! So I'm really enjoying Joanne Sharpe's Letter Love 101!

Yesterday I played a little more with another whimsy grid, kinda...I knew I wanted to do a sun, so found a nice, happy sunshiney quote to play with and-viola!

Sharpie (skinny) fine tip and soft pastels
I'm really loving Sharpies lately. As much as I love my Pitt pens for tangling, I just feel freer with the Sharpies-maybe because they're so affordable and still produce great results...? I limit what I use my Pitts for but will pull out my Sharpies and simply play--any time, any where--and you know? I'm just as happy with what my Sharpies produce as I am my Pitts...And I can snag them just about anywhere! Walmart, Michaels, AC, even the grocery store and Walgreens! Aahh...Sharpies...I do love you!
But, alas, I still need to buck up and break out my Tombows and Letraset markers--so intimidating! I don't know why...I'm so afraid I'll be disappointed in what I do...Stupid, right? Almost as bad as the dreaded Blank Page Syndrome. I have them. I see them. I so want to play with them...really, I just need to get over myself. I'm getting steps...

Another busy weekend ahead...not sure how much play time I'll manage to get in but jotting down ideas to play with next week! And still not sure if we're getting more snow or if it'll all be rain...guess we'll see soon enough! Happy weekend everyone!

God has uniquely equipped you for service. Recommit to God the gifts He has given you.
Use the gifts to be a breath of fresh air and to help others who are seeking the Father.
May they see in you a life blessed by faith.
“So brothers and sisters, since God has shown us great mercy, I beg you to offer your lives as a living sacrifice to Him. Your offering must be only for God and pleasing to Him, which is the spiritual way for you to worship. Do not change yourselves to be like the people of this world, but be changed within by a new way of thinking. Then you will be able to decide what God wants for you; you will know what is good and pleasing to Him and what is perfect.”
Romans 12:1-2

Friday, February 22, 2013

A Second Quandary

Quandary, like Tripoli, taunts me...I can do this, if I slow down, I can do this...I fuss at my kiddo because he always wants to rush through his homework then gets so mad and frustrated when it starts to go awry...hmmm, a little lesson learned myself as well in this? Yeah, yeah...whatever (he is so totally me-pray for my husband! Haha!) I just couldn't let this pattern go this week. I love how it looks in other people's work and I just couldn't let it rest until I was happy with my results. So I dabbled a little in my Tangle a Day calendar yesterday:

Quandary, Fengle, Poke Leaf
I had started the page just wanting to play with Fengle, but Quandary kept nagging to be included, then finished with Poke Leaf which I still want to color in as I'm looking at it this's just never enough! Aaahhh!
 And this is a second Whimsy Grid I played with the other day for Letter Love:

I'd had this idea in my head to do these Christian affirmations after Ann Voskamp had posted them in her Sanity Manifesto for the new year, and finally got it down on paper and all colored in. It's not perfect, but it's at least a step in the right direction...I'll play with this idea again later as I wanted it to be a postcard or a really fat bookmark...Definitely not done!
Thanks as always for stopping by! Have a super fantastic weekend! They're talking more snow in the forecast for us again, though they can't seem to make up their minds. First it's snow, a lot of snow, then it's rain, then snow and rain...Ash and Kyle are coming over tomorrow for Chinese, White Russians, and Movie (Argo) Night so I told them to bring jammies just in case they need to stay if we get snowed in--yay! Too fun! Bundle up and keep warm, ya'll!


May the Father’s blessings be upon you as you go into the world today. Carry His banner.
Reflect His love; embody His spirit. Show the tenderness that He has shown you.
Give the grace you have been given.

“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are very glad.”
Psalm 126:3

“Live in peace with each other.”
1Thessalonians 5:13


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Challenges and Thankfuls

Snow, snow, and more snow--how deliriously happy am I?? Though we did have to miss Bug's bowling tournament on Sunday. The wind whipped viciously as another half a foot of snow piled up high, turning the roads to a perilous sheet of ice. Definitely not worth risking life and limb for a bowling tournament that they refused to reschedule after having to already do so last weekend as the blizzard blew through...Better safe and warm at home, there will always be more tournaments.
Somehow, I got absolutely nothing art wise accomplished all weekend, in spite of being snowed in. We caught up on our DVR recordings, watched the Westminster Dog Show and dreamed of possible babies (NOT anytime soon...still in love with Irish Wolfhounds...aaahhh!!) Time unminded slips by so fast...
McBugga is home from school all week for winter break, so we're off to the dentist later this morning to have a couple cavities filled--such fun! Then time for cleaning and chores before sitting down to play. I did take a stab at the Diva's Challenge for the week yesterday:
Quandary, 'Nzeppel, and sort of Floatfest filled with Caviar
And a picture below of an art journal page...Hopefully more fun to be had later today!
Continuing counting His gifts this week:
113. Soup and Stephen King time (souper-licious! Haha)
114. Third swap postcard received (can't find the's really cool!!)
115. Empire Vision loving my hubby as he so totally deserves--he IS the man!! So glad they know it =0)
116. Finally resolution with Comcast, though it was like pulling teeth...Tenacity pays off-I will not be lied to or cheated!!
117. Bugga cooperating with his grounding without arguing--small favors that make a day so much easier!
118. Back to school again--peace once more...aaahhhh!
119. Arting time
120. More snow!
121. Best Valentines Day gift ever!
I'll need more soup....
 122. Valentine date night with my love at PF Chang's and perusing Providence Place mall (some seriously interesting folks down there in not used to city life anymore! Oh boy!)
123. Sissie here to stay with Bugga--they totally love each other
124. Bennett hugs at bowling
125. And even more snow!! This is my kinda winter!
126. A hubby who shovels the neighbors' driveways--he so rocks
127. Stew and crusty bread
128. A 55% off coupon at AC Moore and...
129. A rainbow to play with--new arting toys!

An art journal/lettering page I colored with my beautiful new soft pastels

Click on over to count along with us:
God is strong and can help you not to fall. He can bring you before His glory without any wrong in you and can give you great joy. He is the only God, the One who saves.
To Him be glory, to Him be greatness, to Him be power and authority through Jesus Christ our Lord for all time, now and forever.
“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him,
so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”
Romans 15:13, NIV

Friday, February 15, 2013

True Love

I honestly don't know how my husband puts up with me sometimes but am I ever so glad that he does! The man has certainly achieved sainthood contending with my moods and whims and general psychosis these past twelve years...and still, he loves me like no one else has ever loved me. How did I get so lucky? Mind you, he does like to pick up and take off for months-months!-at a time, moving us from state to state to state....Maybe it's that time apart that wraps our hearts ever closer...absence makes the heart grow fonder, so they say. And I say enough absence already!! I think we've reached fondness maximus!

Anyway! I'm so looking forward to our Valentine Date night at PF Changs this evening...I pulled up their menu and began drooling just over their starters--Flaming Red Wontons, Lettuce Wraps, Dynamite Shrimp....aaahhh....I think I could just eat a table full of appetizers! Hmm...maybe I will! Hahaha...But then I'd miss out on the Sichuan Scallops or the Dali Chicken, maybe paired with Sichuan Asparagus or Spicy Green Beans...oh man, oh man, oh I have to think about these yummies all day!!! Love, love, love PF Chang's...

Played a little bit in my tangle calendar yesterday and filled a page with happy hearts for Valentines. Eh...Maybe I need to quit looking at other people's work so I'd like mine more? Just feels flat...expected so much more. Me and my high expectations...Today, lettering practice, practice, practice, maybe stepping out a new pattern?? Yeah, and cleaning and grocery shopping...Bugga's home all next week for winter break, better stock up now before I have to drag him with me and listen to him whining about shopping...If only I could snag a quick nap. Pea woke me up just after three to go out, then promptly went back to bed, leaving me wide awake and not exactly ecstatic about it...I'd like to stay awake through our date tonight! Maybe I can shut my eyes for a wee bit later this afternoon...zzzzzzzz...........

Arc Flower, Quandary

Happy Weekend!!
As you spend time alone with God, allow the Lord to seed your heart with understanding. Invite Him to spade and dig and shovel and fertilize those seeds so that His words will take root and bear fruit. Trust God to defeat the one who is lurking nearby, seeking to steal the seeds before they hit the ground.
“Plant goodness, harvest the fruit of loyalty, plow the new ground of knowledge.
Look for the Lord until He comes and pours goodness on you like water.”
Hosea 10:12

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I wish you could see the sky here this morning--we got fresh snow overnight and the white topped trees against the early morning blue is so beautiful...I can't get my camera or my phone to do it, so pretty!! But, I also woke up to a pretty pink package and a card waiting for me on the kitchen table where I always start my day...I love waking up to presents! My most wonderful hubby gave me a copy of Stephen King's On Writing-is he the best or what?? I've been wanting to read this book forever and now I have it--yay!! So love my man! And tomorrow night we're heading to Providence for dinner at PF Chang's, one of our favorite restaurants--mmm, lettuce wraps and Szechuan scallops, here I come!! And my first trip to Rhode Island since we've been here four months?! So excited!! I tried to talk him into a beach walk but he's not having any part of that...too dark, too cold. Fine. Spring's not too far off...just having a little beachy withdrawal...I'm sure we'll find our way again there soon enough.
In the meantime, I've been a-dabbling this week. I was trying to wait to post my response to the week's Diva Challenge until I finished the full page, but since I was late with last week's challenge I couldn't add my linky and didn't want the same thing to happen this week. So Laura asked us to incorporate the Chinese New Year's 'Year of the Snake' theme into our piece, and to use some Chinese pattern inspired tangles (oh my goodness, talk about inspiration! So much to play with!!) I came up with this snake floating amid two versions of Chinese cloud patterns:

Hopefully I'll get back to finishing this page (and the one before it) after I finish playing with Valentine tangles on today's page! Haha--I love my Tangle a Day calendar...just too much fun!
You can order one for yourself here.

Then yesterday I discovered our Accountability Coach for HelloMorning's birthday is coming up soon, so I whipped up a quick card for her and also sending a print of my coffee quote painting I did last fall for my sweet coffeez sistas whom I miss so so much!!! But here's the print (which is also now available for purchase on my brandy new Etsy shop!

And her card--I love these cupcakes!

And my latest endeavor...I've started Letter Love and this is the cover for my art journal to practice lettering and playing with color and hopefully inspire even more projects and ideas down the road...
More fun!

Last but never least today, this is my sweet Ruby (aka Boo) girl, parked in the snow, which she loves as much as me but it just doesn't love her back, her poor joints are so stiff and sore this week from the cold...Can't convince her this isn't good for her--she's as stubborn as I am, too!
So, that's what I've been up this week. I hope everyone has a super sweet Valentine's Day today! Have a couple errands and handful of chores to catch up on then it's calendar and tangle time...yay!

May God use you as a voice of holiness today.
Seek the Father’s face and reflect what you see.

“Do not forget to do good to others, and share with them,
because such sacrifices please God.”
~Hebrews 13:16

Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Arting and Thankfuls

Well, it's been quite the weekend with the blizzard coming in, dumping all this beautiful sparkling snow on us, and now Monday's come round once more and life beckons to return to its regular routine. A new system is heading our way this morning, though, and it's hard to tell if it'll be bringing a mess of freezing rain and possible flooding if the temps warm up, since all the storm drains are hopelessly buried from the snow plows over the weekend, or potentially even more snow...I'm hoping for the snow-not a fan of flooding...Guess we'll just have to wait and see!
But at last, after all the hubbub died down yesterday, I parked myself in front of the coffee table, turned on some Harry and pulled out my pens and paper for a little tangling play time--ah, sweet joy! I finally finished the week's Diva challenge, which was to try our hands at CZT Margaret Bremner's tangle Dansk. I played with the pattern in my sketchbook for a little while and discovered it could make a rather cool wave pattern:
Add a bit of Floatfest, and an adorable little birdie, and done!
And with Valentine's Day just around the corner, everything is turning up hearts. I'd been sketching up some ideas of tangled doodled hearts and wanted to do a more finished drawing--not exactly as I'd hoped it'd turn out, but still some time to give this idea another go:

Maybe too 'doodly' and not enough 'tangly'? But, I love the pattern, Snood, and as I was drawing in the left heart I thought I'd try a different weave with it in the right...Can you see the difference? And another little bird! =0)
And that brings us to the week's thankfuls. Continuing counting to 1000 gifts:
87. Starting over (again...) on SparkPeople (though still resting my foot...aahh, need patience...)
88. Cool dentist to fix my ugly tooth without a crown! Two more weeks!
89. Trucchi's cinnamon swirl bread samples...little bites of sweet heaven...
90. Postcard swaps arrived!
91. Hubby who brings home chocolate because 'he knows I'm in need' him!
92. Groovy souvenir Clearwater T from Ash!
93. Seagulls and snow, my favorite New England combo
94. Perfect snowflakes (they really were, perfect individual, beautiful snowflakes...gorgeous!)
95. Awesome new boots (hubby's on a roll this week!)
96. Jesus died for me...just sayin'...
97. Muse inspiration overload--don't let it stop!
98. A sweet surprise RAK Zia card in the mail--so thoughtful
99. Early school dismissal before the storm hits
100. BLIZZARD!!!!!!!!!!!! Now there's some snow! Happy!
101. Everyone home safe
102. Movies on the couch all day with my hubster-we never get to do that!
103. Power (and heat!) stayed on through the storm in spite of scary hurricane force winds and downed trees and power lines everywhere all around us
104. Still snowing...
105. Friends with a snowblower (hubby would interject "and beers in his pockets") (sorry we broke it...oh boy...buried too deep...)
106. House guests! *
Sis-in-law and Ms Dolly came to stay overnight since they weren't as fortunate with their power and heat
107. Bag of brand new clothes for Bug from a friend--wow!
108. Chicken noodle soup (of course homemade!) and cocoaz with mm good!
109. School closed (what good is a blizzard if you don't at least have one full day of school off, right?)
110. Cardinals! Believe it or not, these beauties are a rarity in these here parts and we have a pair that visits our feeders so I'm hoping they'll stick around maybe and have some babies this spring? Here's Papa:
111. Pineapple jello with mandarin oranges ala Bill for dessert--yummy!
And, at last-112. Arting and Harry time...happiness...

*Note to readers: Dogs' responses to Ms Dolly's visit:
Ruby: I keel you!!!
Pea: (ala jealous version of Molly vs. Bellatrix) Not my Daddy, you bitch!!
Tucker: What is it?! A toy? A treat? Can I eats or squish? Please, may I have another?

Care to count along with us?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Morning After

A few more blizzard pics this morning...
The street below us, cars pretty much buried in their driveways

Our backyard, looking into neighbors yards

Looking for some goodies


Finally dug out

Our front yard

Next door neighbor's pines

Our house all white with snow and ice

Looking down our street

Not budging...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

First Blizzard Pics

Just starting yesterday morning, about ten am or so

No idea of what's to come...

About 6pm, snow's coming down good and steady but it's the wind that's the scary part

Snowy Boo

This morning, all the windows are covered with ice from the blowing wind

The back door was frozen shut, finally got it opened and the snow just tumbled in

Too deep for Boo, Pea's not gonna like this one bit....Tucker just leaps through the drifts

Off into the white wintery beyond...

Tucker's like "What the heck?!"

Crazy drifts...gonna be fun trying to dig out later today (and it's still far from done snowing...)

Our little blue house is white, completely covered in ice!
More pics later when the sun comes up...Just incredibly thankful that the power's stayed on through the night and it's nice and toasty inside. Also thankful watching the news that people were smart enough to heed the driving bans and the roads were empty except for snow plows--and God bless those guys!! Praying that those who've lost power are able to get it back on quickly today and that everyone stays safe inside--still plenty of snow to come!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Waiting on the Blizzard and Zendala Dare 43-Like an Artist

Yes! A Blizzard!! And I know I'm the only one excited about it, everyone else is all grumbly, grumbly...Scrooges. But we're supposed to get 18-24" of snow tomorrow afternoon, snow falling at a rate of two to three inches an hour--that's some serious snow fall! The fridge and pantry are stocked, I'm all set-let the whiteout begin! My awesome hubby even brought home the super coolest pair of winter boots for me last night--is he amazing or what?? Love him!! He is the super coolest! Can't wait to go play in the snow in my new boots! Yay! And I've got plenty of arting projects to keep me busy inside as well (don't I always...I'll never be caught up, which only means I'll always be arting and that makes me as happy as an impending blizzard!)

Anyway! Our sweet Ms Erin of Bright Owl Zendala Dare fame has issued up another great template with her first of the month twist, which was to include your favorite tangles that make you feel most like an artist. Wow...where to begin with that?? I have loads of favorite tangles, but the ones that make me happiest when they're done are those intricate ones that really pop with shading. Still...that left me with so many choices that I had to really narrow down, but this is what I came up with:

Finery, Lanie, Fife, Cubine
I chose Finery for it's beautiful shading, Lanie and Fife because they look complicated to draw but they're really not, and I just love the dimension you can achieve with Cubine. I also went with a little grey marker to help separate the layers a bit rather than lose it all to a monochromatic background fill. My favorite part is the center star of Finery!

And just a quick shot of two of my crazy pups. Tucker did have his mouth hanging open and a few toothies showing, which was so cute but of course gone by the time I got the camera! He's such a moose--love him like crazy. And Pea, all warm and squishy and smelling of Bassett Frito-ness--aaahh, puppy love! These two have the life!

Today, I really need to work on some Valentines stuff, I have a postcard/fat bookmark idea buzzing in the brain, my calendar is falling behind...and I really need to work out, so off I go! Happy
Thursday, Happy Arting, and Happy Blizzard!!