Saturday, February 9, 2013

First Blizzard Pics

Just starting yesterday morning, about ten am or so

No idea of what's to come...

About 6pm, snow's coming down good and steady but it's the wind that's the scary part

Snowy Boo

This morning, all the windows are covered with ice from the blowing wind

The back door was frozen shut, finally got it opened and the snow just tumbled in

Too deep for Boo, Pea's not gonna like this one bit....Tucker just leaps through the drifts

Off into the white wintery beyond...

Tucker's like "What the heck?!"

Crazy drifts...gonna be fun trying to dig out later today (and it's still far from done snowing...)

Our little blue house is white, completely covered in ice!
More pics later when the sun comes up...Just incredibly thankful that the power's stayed on through the night and it's nice and toasty inside. Also thankful watching the news that people were smart enough to heed the driving bans and the roads were empty except for snow plows--and God bless those guys!! Praying that those who've lost power are able to get it back on quickly today and that everyone stays safe inside--still plenty of snow to come!

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  1. Do take care of yourselves - keep warm & safe.
    Much love
    Paula (PEP)