Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I wish you could see the sky here this morning--we got fresh snow overnight and the white topped trees against the early morning blue is so beautiful...I can't get my camera or my phone to do it, so pretty!! But, I also woke up to a pretty pink package and a card waiting for me on the kitchen table where I always start my day...I love waking up to presents! My most wonderful hubby gave me a copy of Stephen King's On Writing-is he the best or what?? I've been wanting to read this book forever and now I have it--yay!! So love my man! And tomorrow night we're heading to Providence for dinner at PF Chang's, one of our favorite restaurants--mmm, lettuce wraps and Szechuan scallops, here I come!! And my first trip to Rhode Island since we've been here four months?! So excited!! I tried to talk him into a beach walk but he's not having any part of that...too dark, too cold. Fine. Spring's not too far off...just having a little beachy withdrawal...I'm sure we'll find our way again there soon enough.
In the meantime, I've been a-dabbling this week. I was trying to wait to post my response to the week's Diva Challenge until I finished the full page, but since I was late with last week's challenge I couldn't add my linky and didn't want the same thing to happen this week. So Laura asked us to incorporate the Chinese New Year's 'Year of the Snake' theme into our piece, and to use some Chinese pattern inspired tangles (oh my goodness, talk about inspiration! So much to play with!!) I came up with this snake floating amid two versions of Chinese cloud patterns:

Hopefully I'll get back to finishing this page (and the one before it) after I finish playing with Valentine tangles on today's page! Haha--I love my Tangle a Day calendar...just too much fun!
You can order one for yourself here.

Then yesterday I discovered our Accountability Coach for HelloMorning's birthday is coming up soon, so I whipped up a quick card for her and also sending a print of my coffee quote painting I did last fall for my sweet coffeez sistas whom I miss so so much!!! But here's the print (which is also now available for purchase on my brandy new Etsy shop!

And her card--I love these cupcakes!

And my latest endeavor...I've started Letter Love and this is the cover for my art journal to practice lettering and playing with color and hopefully inspire even more projects and ideas down the road...
More fun!

Last but never least today, this is my sweet Ruby (aka Boo) girl, parked in the snow, which she loves as much as me but it just doesn't love her back, her poor joints are so stiff and sore this week from the cold...Can't convince her this isn't good for her--she's as stubborn as I am, too!
So, that's what I've been up this week. I hope everyone has a super sweet Valentine's Day today! Have a couple errands and handful of chores to catch up on then it's calendar and tangle time...yay!

May God use you as a voice of holiness today.
Seek the Father’s face and reflect what you see.

“Do not forget to do good to others, and share with them,
because such sacrifices please God.”
~Hebrews 13:16


  1. Your snake is beautiful and the tangles you used are that too.
    Great picture of your dog in the snow.

  2. Your snake is really good, but I don't recognise the the chines cloud pattern, is that a new one?

    1. Thanks Chrissie, I just googled Chinese patterns and these popped up...they're not zentangle patterns (yet...haha)

    2. I can see the pattern coming soon - it is certainly different enough from Pop-cloud. Go for it, I look forward to seeing the step-outs soon.

  3. How I enjoy your blog! The calendar was a perfect place to tangle the New Year snake challenge and you did a great job!

  4. Those cloud patterns are excellent with the snake - good thinking outside the box with that one. Have a lovely dinner together. I love the idea of your lettering journal too - I particularly like your letters as they are: the way you've thickened & placed them with the added dots.
    Paula (PEP)

  5. Great Dawn, I like the way your snake is looping through the 10!

  6. Wonderful creations and lovely photo ~ love the dog ^_^

    thanks for coming by ~

    Carol and ArtMuseDog at (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  7. Wonderful, Dawn :) Love the pattern on the snake! Your cards are fabulous, too. Good luck with your etsy store.