Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Well, school started and it's been a week of adjusting to new schedules and routines and even though we're still getting acclimated to the different time tables, it's slowing sinking in and feeling more settled. I love a good routine...
And I've broken the paints out once more. I did another abstract collaged mail swap postcard--tada:
Then fall inspiration hit, scrubbed an old slate from the meager stash we brought with us from PA and did this quilted kitty and pumpkin:

And more swap goodies...Karen over at Mail Me Some Art posted a notched journal swap (as I look back at the pictures she posted, I'm cringing a bit...The previous journals are gorgeous compared to what I've got going on here--but, alas! I'm not done! Hopefully I can whip these pages into shape worthy of swapping...Gonna give it a good shot, anyway...(stay tuned!!)

So now I have a couple swap thank you's to put together for lovelies I've received this past week and I'm looking longingly at my Derwent Inktense and watercolor pencils...I'll have to play with those a bit and let the acrylics sit in the box for a few days...Everybody gets a turn! I also need some simple Sharpie doodling time, just to play...Oh maybe tomorrow if I can swing it! Thanks for stopping by!!