Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Carrying On, Happy Mail, and a Diva Giveaway!

Laura Harms of the Diva Challenge we so love is offering up a grand giveaway this week! She has one of Carole Ohl's Tangle a Day calendars to share with a lucky winner--how sweet is that?! I love mine and, if I win the giveaway, I plan to share it with a tangling friend--these are just too much fun! Fingers crossed!

I wasn't excited much about yesterday...I had an appointment with our new dentist and I'm really not a fan of dentists in general--just not my favorite people. But...this guy is all right. He's a little quirky, a little nerdy, and he said a couple things I'm probably going to choose to ignore like "pull your wisdom teeth" and "gum surgery", but he's planning to fix my ugly tooth in a couple weeks with a simple filling rather than a ridiculously expensive crown, so that makes him rather super cool in my book. My 'ugly tooth' is a broken, brown nasty little guy right smack up front in the bottom of my mouth that glares hideously when I talk, smile, laugh, etc...and I've endured this hideousness for the last four or five years while other dentists tried to talk me into paying a thousand dollars or so for their 'fix'--yeah, no...not dropping that kind of money on a wee bitty brown tooth--I'll live with it before I pay anything close to that! And, now--NOW! I find out it can be fixed much simpler and way much cheaper...really makes me mad at all the past dentists who let me look like this for so long. See why I don't like dentists?? Grrrfff!!! Two weeks!! No more ugly tooth! Yay!

And the day got even better! Mr. Mailman blessed my day with two amazingly beautiful postcards from the Artists in Blogland swap! Lookie what I got!

That's my Bug--isn't he cute?! The card on the left is from Roberta Warshaw here in MA, and the beauty on the right came from Cathy Wilson in CT. Both treasures I'll enjoy for a long, long time--and encouragement to keep on swapping! So fun! Can't wait for #3 to arrive!

And finally, the first of February brought a new zentangle challenge from my friend Paula over at Chocolate Baroque to use circles as your string, as many or as little as you liked, and so I filled another page in my calendar with circle strings--viola!

Rather Shelly Beauch-y inspired...

Today is filled with shopping errands before the snow comes, catching up on cleaning chores that got put off from yesterday's dentist appointment, and then, hopefully time to play later this afternoon...Hope everybody has a great day!


  1. Interesting to see Zinger with thick stems - don't they just look like rays coming out from the circles? I'm amazed by the way you've woven those circles together & the dimension that you've got into those individual elements. Just spotted how you went behind the '3' ......
    Glad you enjoyed playing with the idea. It's great to see what people come up with - I keep looking at this & just wish I lived round the corner from you so you could give me lessons in shading.
    Bug looks a gleeful little chap & I love those soft brown eyes.
    Paula (PEP)
    PS - snow here but only sleeting.

    1. Girl, it would just be fun to hang out and tangle! Get yourself a set of soft graphite pencils, 2-6B and some handy dandy tortillions, makes all the difference in the world. There's some great shading tutorials online for the googling! =0)

  2. your bug is definitely a cutie! i like those cards he's holding t00 :)

    your calendar page definitely hints of michele - don't you just love her work? i am blessed 2 have 2 original pieces of her art - one an 8x10, one on a 3.5" tile - both marvelous! beautiful work, dawn!