Thursday, February 7, 2013

Waiting on the Blizzard and Zendala Dare 43-Like an Artist

Yes! A Blizzard!! And I know I'm the only one excited about it, everyone else is all grumbly, grumbly...Scrooges. But we're supposed to get 18-24" of snow tomorrow afternoon, snow falling at a rate of two to three inches an hour--that's some serious snow fall! The fridge and pantry are stocked, I'm all set-let the whiteout begin! My awesome hubby even brought home the super coolest pair of winter boots for me last night--is he amazing or what?? Love him!! He is the super coolest! Can't wait to go play in the snow in my new boots! Yay! And I've got plenty of arting projects to keep me busy inside as well (don't I always...I'll never be caught up, which only means I'll always be arting and that makes me as happy as an impending blizzard!)

Anyway! Our sweet Ms Erin of Bright Owl Zendala Dare fame has issued up another great template with her first of the month twist, which was to include your favorite tangles that make you feel most like an artist. Wow...where to begin with that?? I have loads of favorite tangles, but the ones that make me happiest when they're done are those intricate ones that really pop with shading. Still...that left me with so many choices that I had to really narrow down, but this is what I came up with:

Finery, Lanie, Fife, Cubine
I chose Finery for it's beautiful shading, Lanie and Fife because they look complicated to draw but they're really not, and I just love the dimension you can achieve with Cubine. I also went with a little grey marker to help separate the layers a bit rather than lose it all to a monochromatic background fill. My favorite part is the center star of Finery!

And just a quick shot of two of my crazy pups. Tucker did have his mouth hanging open and a few toothies showing, which was so cute but of course gone by the time I got the camera! He's such a moose--love him like crazy. And Pea, all warm and squishy and smelling of Bassett Frito-ness--aaahh, puppy love! These two have the life!

Today, I really need to work on some Valentines stuff, I have a postcard/fat bookmark idea buzzing in the brain, my calendar is falling behind...and I really need to work out, so off I go! Happy
Thursday, Happy Arting, and Happy Blizzard!!


  1. Your zendala is really beautiful! And a blizzard....? In Holland we're impressed when there's 5 cm snow (that's about 2 inches...). Have fun playing in the snow :-)

  2. Nice job. Like the little touch of color with the Lanie. You were braver than I was. I thought about using Fife but was not sure I could do it in the spaces that I had. Great job.

  3. may the blizzard dump plenty of snow on your home so you can stay inside and art :) sounds like a strange blessing - but one i totally understand.

    i love your zendala! your finery flower is beautiful!

  4. You sure are an artist. A great one. This zendala is beautiful, love it. And love the picture of your doggies. I really want to feel on the inside, what they show us on the outside.

  5. dawn - kali and i are on the road a good bit of the time. that's going to all change in april, though, when she moves to maryland to go to school. i won't be able to afford to go anywhere :(

  6. Wonderful art tangles ~ and love the animals photo ~ sweet!

    Carol of (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  7. That's a very good feeling; snow coming and having a lot of stock in the house!
    Your zendala is beautiful and I like your explanation.