Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Arting and Thankfuls

Well, it's been quite the weekend with the blizzard coming in, dumping all this beautiful sparkling snow on us, and now Monday's come round once more and life beckons to return to its regular routine. A new system is heading our way this morning, though, and it's hard to tell if it'll be bringing a mess of freezing rain and possible flooding if the temps warm up, since all the storm drains are hopelessly buried from the snow plows over the weekend, or potentially even more snow...I'm hoping for the snow-not a fan of flooding...Guess we'll just have to wait and see!
But at last, after all the hubbub died down yesterday, I parked myself in front of the coffee table, turned on some Harry and pulled out my pens and paper for a little tangling play time--ah, sweet joy! I finally finished the week's Diva challenge, which was to try our hands at CZT Margaret Bremner's tangle Dansk. I played with the pattern in my sketchbook for a little while and discovered it could make a rather cool wave pattern:
Add a bit of Floatfest, and an adorable little birdie, and done!
And with Valentine's Day just around the corner, everything is turning up hearts. I'd been sketching up some ideas of tangled doodled hearts and wanted to do a more finished drawing--not exactly as I'd hoped it'd turn out, but still some time to give this idea another go:

Maybe too 'doodly' and not enough 'tangly'? But, I love the pattern, Snood, and as I was drawing in the left heart I thought I'd try a different weave with it in the right...Can you see the difference? And another little bird! =0)
And that brings us to the week's thankfuls. Continuing counting to 1000 gifts:
87. Starting over (again...) on SparkPeople (though still resting my foot...aahh, need patience...)
88. Cool dentist to fix my ugly tooth without a crown! Two more weeks!
89. Trucchi's cinnamon swirl bread samples...little bites of sweet heaven...
90. Postcard swaps arrived!
91. Hubby who brings home chocolate because 'he knows I'm in need' him!
92. Groovy souvenir Clearwater T from Ash!
93. Seagulls and snow, my favorite New England combo
94. Perfect snowflakes (they really were, perfect individual, beautiful snowflakes...gorgeous!)
95. Awesome new boots (hubby's on a roll this week!)
96. Jesus died for me...just sayin'...
97. Muse inspiration overload--don't let it stop!
98. A sweet surprise RAK Zia card in the mail--so thoughtful
99. Early school dismissal before the storm hits
100. BLIZZARD!!!!!!!!!!!! Now there's some snow! Happy!
101. Everyone home safe
102. Movies on the couch all day with my hubster-we never get to do that!
103. Power (and heat!) stayed on through the storm in spite of scary hurricane force winds and downed trees and power lines everywhere all around us
104. Still snowing...
105. Friends with a snowblower (hubby would interject "and beers in his pockets") (sorry we broke it...oh boy...buried too deep...)
106. House guests! *
Sis-in-law and Ms Dolly came to stay overnight since they weren't as fortunate with their power and heat
107. Bag of brand new clothes for Bug from a friend--wow!
108. Chicken noodle soup (of course homemade!) and cocoaz with mm good!
109. School closed (what good is a blizzard if you don't at least have one full day of school off, right?)
110. Cardinals! Believe it or not, these beauties are a rarity in these here parts and we have a pair that visits our feeders so I'm hoping they'll stick around maybe and have some babies this spring? Here's Papa:
111. Pineapple jello with mandarin oranges ala Bill for dessert--yummy!
And, at last-112. Arting and Harry time...happiness...

*Note to readers: Dogs' responses to Ms Dolly's visit:
Ruby: I keel you!!!
Pea: (ala jealous version of Molly vs. Bellatrix) Not my Daddy, you bitch!!
Tucker: What is it?! A toy? A treat? Can I eats or squish? Please, may I have another?

Care to count along with us?

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