Friday, February 1, 2013

String Three Revisited, Twice

Well, I managed to go back and give this week's Diva Challenge another shot, and another, and I had a thought for yet another go but, enough is enough...I do have other things to get done around here! First, looking at all those little broken spaces, it occured to me that a monotangle would be a good way to go with this string, and two (well, now three) particular patterns were brought to mind: Paradox and Diva Dance (the third I've not done is Hollibaugh--wouldn't it be perfect?!)

No, not actually caught up...still have the previous page to work on--but it's started! Wish I'd used a finer pen, looks so heavy next to Carol's beautiful version!

Diva Dance--love how Rock 'n Roll looks rather flowery...

And this! This is a doodle grid, ala Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow. She had done a bigger version and I fell in love with the colors and patterns, so much swirly, vibrant eye candy! I kinda wish I'd made the blocks a bit smaller to make it more intricate--next time! It was definitely fun to play with and an excuse to break in my Papermate Flair pens! Haha!
So, it's Friday AND February...We have a super packed weekend ahead. Bug's bowling in the city tournament this weekend and next-I'm excited! Maybe swing by the alley this afternoon for a good practice session, get him warmed up and ready to roll! Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. Wow! Such detailed and beautiful art work ~

    Carol of A Creative Harbor ^_^

  2. Intrigued by that Doodle Grid. Hope the bowling goes well.
    I think your thick lines give the tangle a different feel - interesting to see the comparison.
    Have a brilliant weekend.
    Paula (PEP)

  3. I like this Diva Dance string very much! Great idea.

  4. Glad you did more challenge tiles! They are inspirational!

  5. Really like your dance through string #003.

  6. So happy you like the doodle grid!