Friday, February 15, 2013

True Love

I honestly don't know how my husband puts up with me sometimes but am I ever so glad that he does! The man has certainly achieved sainthood contending with my moods and whims and general psychosis these past twelve years...and still, he loves me like no one else has ever loved me. How did I get so lucky? Mind you, he does like to pick up and take off for months-months!-at a time, moving us from state to state to state....Maybe it's that time apart that wraps our hearts ever closer...absence makes the heart grow fonder, so they say. And I say enough absence already!! I think we've reached fondness maximus!

Anyway! I'm so looking forward to our Valentine Date night at PF Changs this evening...I pulled up their menu and began drooling just over their starters--Flaming Red Wontons, Lettuce Wraps, Dynamite Shrimp....aaahhh....I think I could just eat a table full of appetizers! Hmm...maybe I will! Hahaha...But then I'd miss out on the Sichuan Scallops or the Dali Chicken, maybe paired with Sichuan Asparagus or Spicy Green Beans...oh man, oh man, oh I have to think about these yummies all day!!! Love, love, love PF Chang's...

Played a little bit in my tangle calendar yesterday and filled a page with happy hearts for Valentines. Eh...Maybe I need to quit looking at other people's work so I'd like mine more? Just feels flat...expected so much more. Me and my high expectations...Today, lettering practice, practice, practice, maybe stepping out a new pattern?? Yeah, and cleaning and grocery shopping...Bugga's home all next week for winter break, better stock up now before I have to drag him with me and listen to him whining about shopping...If only I could snag a quick nap. Pea woke me up just after three to go out, then promptly went back to bed, leaving me wide awake and not exactly ecstatic about it...I'd like to stay awake through our date tonight! Maybe I can shut my eyes for a wee bit later this afternoon...zzzzzzzz...........

Arc Flower, Quandary

Happy Weekend!!
As you spend time alone with God, allow the Lord to seed your heart with understanding. Invite Him to spade and dig and shovel and fertilize those seeds so that His words will take root and bear fruit. Trust God to defeat the one who is lurking nearby, seeking to steal the seeds before they hit the ground.
“Plant goodness, harvest the fruit of loyalty, plow the new ground of knowledge.
Look for the Lord until He comes and pours goodness on you like water.”
Hosea 10:12

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  1. I like it. Was trying to work out which heart you started with? Love the little red rising hearts