Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just a Quickie

Everything went smooth as butter yesterday morning with Mr. Hubby's doctor appointment. We were on our way to Ihop for breakfast way before I ever expected--I was thinking it would be more like brunch, if not full out lunch! But they sent us on our way a little after nine-thirty and I was staring down a short stack of red velvet pancakes with an over easy egg and a side of hashbrowns by ten! No complaining from either party! We ate and headed home, he hit the couch and I broke out my Tangle a Day calendar to finish up a page inspired by a pattern twist created by Helen Williams of A Little Lime:

Y-flip, Diva Dance...still way behind...aahhh....

I love how her mind works and her playful explorations of patterns. I wish I could see things more the way Helen does, but, truthfully, I don't (make) take the time, rather always feeling rushed to catch up, keep up, and that's not exactly conducive to true play...I really need to slow it all down...

I did sketch up my plan for this week's Zendala Dare and have a brilliant inspiration for playing with those new Papermate Flair pens I snagged at Staples over the weekend...First things first, though--breaking in my new super groovy running sneaks this morning (on the treadmill even though it's more than forty degrees outside--my heel's still hurting and road running wouldn't make it feel much better, even in the very best shoes...) Then a few quick cleaning chores and I'll be all set to play! Hooray!


  1. Good news that ill went OK - have fun playing....... now to investigate those Papermate Flair pens.......
    Paula (PEP)

    1. Thanks Paula!! Looking forward to Feb's Chocolate Baroque challenge! =0)

  2. Wonderful, Dawn :) I love you take on this one! I'm waiting for a new pair of sneakers to arrive from the UK, though I won't be using them to actually walk :)