Friday, January 4, 2013

Where Has This Week Gone??

I've been completely out of sorts all week with Bill being home Tuesday, then Bug going back to school Wednesday. That made me think it was Sunday and Monday, not Tuesday and Wednesday... Then my cleaning schedule completely fell through the cracks this week (oh weep and sob...) I'm just lost as to what day it's supposed to be! Then the dentist stole a day from me, or rather the hygenist did. The dentist's mother sadly passed away the night before my appointment so now I get to waste another morning hearing how my teeth will all fall cataclysmically from my head if I don't fork over thousands of dollars in dental ransom...grrrfff!! I'm spending a day every week either at the dentist's or the doctor's this month and really not very happy about it. Isn't that what old people do??? UGH!!

Fortunately however, I had a brilliant thought come to mind the other morning while I was out in the fourteen degree weather riding my bike for cross training. A small few of you may remember the idea journal pages I was doing last year that all fell by the wayside along with the rest of my sanity as we waited and waited and waited to finally move...I wanted to pick that back up again but differently as I thought maybe it was a bit distracting. Plus I seemed to track more writing projects on there rather than art projects and this year I fully intend to focus more time on my art. So I reconfigured the page to list current projects, pieces that need finished pretty much yesterday (miss deadlines much?), and then broke down monthly, weekly, and daily prompts and exercises, along with a few 'off in the future dealio endeavors' that I plan to work my way towards as I (actually!) finish the current projects at hand (aka: motivation to finally see something through to the end! Maybe if I track them all this way I just might be able to finish some??) And, of course, I had to make it all pretty and colorful and even left room for checking off actual accomplishments every day, plus space for doodling and scribbling in more notes and ideas to carry on to the next week...brilliant? I'm quite happy with it:

Another little bit I did yesterday, an exercise from One Zentangle a Day (I so love this book!!)-tangling on colored paper and experimenting with shading and highlighting. I picked up a little pack of primary colored index card sized cardstock (to also use for Index Card a Day projects later on...just heaping more and more on my plate...and why do I have trouble with deadlines??) I only managed the one as I had a houseful of boys after school that Bug invited to stay for dinner-he's ever the gracious more play today!


Finally, this is just a tangle of the day, also from One Zentangle a Day, using Jetties, Sampson, and 'Nzeppel:

Today, today, today...I am refusing to go anywhere today (jammie day??!) Jammies are HUGE up here...folks wear jammies like regular clothes-I'm serious! No matter where you go, I guarantee you will see multiple people out and about in jammies. Hey, I'm all for super comfort--why not?! My kinda place--except Bug has vehemently informed me that I am NOT allowed to wear my jammies in public because that would just completely embarrass him. Mannnn!!! Sometimes that kid can take all the fun out of a day...But, I really do need to do a little bit of cleaning at least, then play is the weekend after all! Thanks for taking a peek!

Today, may you go in the grace and peace and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
May the grace He has given you be the grace that you share with others.

“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me. I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing.” Galatians 2:20-21, NIV


Also linking up to Beneath the Surface's blog hop today to include my Idea Journal page in Random Journal Day! Everybody loves a blog hop!


  1. Dawn, WHoohoo- welcome, welcome and I love your creative expression! Thank you for linking- I really love your calendar page and goals...I also love the swirly design! I will have to have a look at the book Zentangles? Hmmm....sounds interesting. Sorry about your teethy situation- it is a painful and expensive one for sure...but a few extra days in Jammies is something I always welcome! THanks for joining in I look forward to peeking often!

  2. Hi; I'm checking out other blogger's journal entries in the Random Journal Day Blog Hop. I like your artwork in your journal.

  3. Gorgeous. Also, love the way you write. So transparent, witty and full of the sarcasm I cut my eye-teeth on (until they needed to be sanded down!).

  4. When I saw what you were doing with the One Zentangle a Day book before Christmas I ordered mine - I'm waiting for it to come as there must have been a high demand for it since everywhere is out of stock - seeing your info about it today makes me even more excited. Love the way you wrapped Sansom round Jetties.
    Take care of yourself
    Paula (PEP)

    1. Oh you'll love it!! It's jam packed with patterns and info and exercises--best zentangle book I've come across!! =0)