Monday, January 14, 2013

Falling Behind

Winter has caught up with me this weekend...The whole left side of my head is congested and I can't breathe. Drainage tickles my throat, I cough then sneeze...bleh. Heading to the grocery store later (to share my germies since surely that's where I picked them up in the first place...Um, I'd like to return these? Thank you very much....Have a nice day!) and picking up chicken and veggies to make me some soup. My freezer is barren of any stock--how did that happen?? Definitely need to fix that and fill myself with warm, comforting, chicken soup, extra noodles please!

I didn't finish any arting projects this weekend, though I did get some bits worked on here and there along with signing up for another new postcard swap that ought to be fun! And finally found the photo mats for the zentangle swap on FB (got a four pack for a buck at the Dollar Store! Sweet!) So lots of wonderful playtime ahead!

So as I wait for the Diva challenge to be posted this morning and I'm still pondering what to do with the week's Zendala Dare, I at least can post my thankfuls and continue counting for the week ahead:

22. Snowy Tucker run (the best kind of run!)
23. Peppermint marshmallows for my cocoa
24. Time for catching up (need some of that this week, too!)
25. Drippy dog nose smears on the windows
26. Snow water for the houseplants (they love it!!)
27. Watching Loki toss his cage clips to the floor again and again
28. Pretty snowing wallpaper for my phone (it's the simple things that make you smile!)
29. A day to not have to be anywhere-aka: Jammie Day!!
30. Psalm 18:19
31. Bug and Tuck morning silliness:
Where's my Bug?
There he is!! Silly 1 and Silly 2....

32. New glasses made by my hubby!! They're purple! Love!!! My man rocks! =0)
33. Beautiful zentangle bookmark in my mailbox!
34. Leftover pain meds from last year's surgery to help ease my hurting burned hand (nothing serious...felt completely better in the morning--praise God!!)
35. Dinner out with hubby's sisters
36. Bacalhau a Gomes sa (which is the fish I had at dinner--I love Portuguese food!! Just wish it loved me back....)
37. Gianormous Portuguese rolls dipped in Mozambique...aaahhh!
38. Happy hubby with new toys (power tools) to play with
39. Volunteering with Bug at the Shepherd's Pantry--he worked his little tail off...proud Mama!
40. New jeans!
41. Hubby's mom's 92nd birthday (and she doesn't even think she's hit 65 yet...bless her heart!!)
42. New birdfeeder pole up and actual chunks of suet for the basket--happy me, happy birds!
43. New flagpole up (and an excuse to go find a winter flag...!!)
44. More zentangle swaps to play in
45. Dinner with the kiddos all here (I love a full house =0) )
May the Spirit which lives within you guide and convict you. Remember the message which brought you to Him. Let it be the message you share with others. May peace and power be yours today.
“I pray that the God who gives hope will fill you with much joy and peace while you trust in Him. Then your hope will overflow by the power of the Holy Spirit.”
~Romans 15:13

Join us in counting His blessings:

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