Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Little Sickie

Still feeling under the weather here this's just no fun being sick. And for some reason, they don't air Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets or the Prisoner of Azkaban up here--just Sorceror's Stone, Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, Half Blood Prince and both Deathly Hallows. Okay, so I'm sure some of you are thinking, "Isn't that enough Harry?" or possibly, "There's a whole lot else to watch....or do...." or whatever, and at that I *GASP!!* Surely the rest of you understand the devastation of that two year gap, and those of you I am humbly thankful for...I'll have to bring the DVD's up from the basement while I'm lingering so dangerously close at death's door. Of course, I could just watch a little Game of Thrones....Season Three fast approaches!! So cannot wait!!!

While a nice big pot of stock softly simmered on the stove yesterday afternoon, I managed to get the other birthday card finished and then played with my Tangle A Day calendar, though clearly you can tell I'm not feeling 'it' with being sick...I just didn't know where to head with it and it shows...

Lemon icing!! Mmmm...
I loved the start in the left corner for the 10th but then it just
Today just planning to stay in and, well, watch a little Games and/or Harry (we already covered this...!!) Hopefully find the energy and inspiration to play a little later in the day...At least they're calling for snow tomorrow! Yay!! Happy Almost Wednesday!!


  1. Wonderful card ~ well done ~ and love the tangle in progress ~ So feel better soon ~ Sending lots of distant healing reiki energy ~

    (A Creative Harbor) aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^)

  2. Hope you are feeling better and I "get" the Harry Potter thing. LOL! Love your blog and think your Tangle-A-Day is brilliant and fun.

  3. these two are both gorgeous. That second one has done anything but "fizzle" in my eyes! Beautiful work. I hope you feel better soon. No one likes to be sick. :-(