Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Again

Where has January gone?? This time next week will be February--can you believe it? Are you ready?? Pink hearts, boxes of chocolate, velvety red roses...Oh yeah, I'm ready! Don't you just love love? Haha...I drew up my Idea Journal Page for February and definitely like the monthly breakdown rather than a weekly. Maybe when I get more ideas I'll need a weekly page again, but until I'm all caught up this feels like a better solution...and here we are:

Very Joanne Sharpe inspired--can't wait to take some of her online courses!
The Yahoo Zia group has begun a Tangle of the Week prompt to help learn and explore our patterns more in depth. This week's tangle is Bales, an old favorite with endless possibilities. I filled up another page in my Tangle a Day calendar playing with Bales (I'd say I'm almost caught up but every day I slip a little further behind...again...but it's just too much fun even trying to keep up!!)
An assortment of Bales
We have no bowling this weekend--but my car has an appointment at the shop to find out what is ailing it...poor old girl, she's even older than our Boo...Hubby believes it's a problem with the brakes catching, definitely repairable--yay!! I love my car--it's carried us from Tennessee, to Pennsylvania, and up here to Massachusetts--not ready to say goodbye!
So have a super fantastic weekend! Enjoy this last week of January and start planning something sweet for your lovies in your life--Valentines Day will be here before you know it!

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