Thursday, June 27, 2013

Zentangle Thurzday

Well, I've not gotten around to the Diva's challenge this week yet and I'm still contemplating whether or not to pick up the Zendala dares again over at the Bright Owl...I actually feel so out of practice with tangling since I've been playing with lettering and other doodling ventures. But the Yahoo Zia group is gearing up for a new round of Zengo (simply a zentangle themed version of Bingo) and I thought I'd play along for fun--they do offer up a few interesting prizes for the winners, so why not, right? Typically we play from a simple list of words chosen from a master list and whoever has all their words called first is the winner, but this go-around we are making up actual Zengo cards to play in a more traditional Bingo manner. Here is mine:

I've since added the words picked randomly from our master list and am all set to go!
Also, to play, you are to create an 'entry fee', which, for this game, was to be a traditional zentangle (any size but white paper and black pen) using only 'official tangles', so I did a quick little ATC last night:

Drupe, Hibred, Ixorus, and Knightsbridge
Woohoo!! Let's play!!

So now my McBugga is home for summer...we need to agree on some rules as far as computer time and getting his guitar practice in before he's off and gone to play at his friends' for the day. There's so much I hope we can go and do and see this summer--let the fun begin!!


  1. i had wondered what zengo was :) so, thanks!

  2. Happy summer to you, Dawn! I love that color in your Zengo. I haven't tried Zentangle, but it looks like a lot of fun... I'm sure it is relaxing!

  3. oh! one more thing. I noted your "Abide" word for the year in the side banner. love that! Mine is "Trust" for 2013. xox