Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Artist's Way Wednesday

Finally, the last day of school is here and summer is about to begin! We've been blessed with another healthy year and Bug's had his second year in a row of perfect attendance--I'm so proud of him! And we're definitely ready to get our summer groove on--all of our friends down south have been out for weeks! It's high time we got to play, too!

So, in anticipation of no longer having my days to myself for a while, I took a quick Artist Date yesterday morning and headed to Fort Phoenix beach. There's a physical reaction I feel when I see the water, something inside just melts as the tension lets go and stress evaporates. I instantly relax and let the peace wash over me. I love the water, the smell of the salty air, the feeling of warm sand beneath my little slice of heaven!

Could've stayed all day...
Yesterday was also time for our little bunny love to venture back out into the world. She had begun to panic when I tried to feed her--that instinct of fear is so great in these little ones, she would freeze up and refused to eat. Since she'd begun eating flowers on her own, I figured it was time to let her go then. Being cooped up and so afraid certainly wasn't in her best interest. I waited for Bug to get home from school so he could say good bye as well, and we released her together. She took off like a little bullet. I just pray she'll stay safe and have a long, happy bunny life...

She's a little fighter--I know she'll do fine...
I have lots of little projects on my list for the rest of the week--if we don't melt in the heat and humidity that is! Summer is off to a sticky start...thank goodness the beach is super close! Have a great rest of the week!

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  1. so sweet of you to care for her! xoxo And what a treat to live so near to the beach. Heaven!