Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ICAD Tuesday and Bug's Graduation

Woo hoo! I managed to get a few more cards done this week for ICAD! Using two of the prompts for this week to do a logo (upper left card, two separate logos I've been playing with for my art stuffs) and to write your name in block letters (also used last week's Summer of Color selection for hot pink and orange) The third was simply playing with a little tangle pattern. Hoping to keep up a little better this week...
And yesterday was Bug's graduation from fifth grade! Off to middle school next's all going way too fast!! But this is Pulaski's Class of 2013:
And Bug getting his 'diploma'. He's a wee bit taller than his teacher, Mrs. Silva =0)

And just a quick shot of our Boo after she'd dug herself a nest in the flower bed on the patio Sunday--it's too hot and summer is just beginning...bleh...

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