Sunday, June 16, 2013

More Mail Art Monday

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day. We had a beautiful day for cooking out, ate ourselves silly with ribs and grilled zucchini, fresh veggies and fruit, Red Bliss potato salad, Boston crème pie and watermelon for dessert. I think we're all stuffed to the busting point! Then, after dinner, our Tucker discovered a rabbit's nest deep in one of our iris beds and we discovered his discovery pretty much too late. Four little bunnies didn't survive his curiosity, but we managed to catch him with the last one and he released it before any serious damage was done--we hope. Right now I'm just praying she makes it through the night. We've fed her some milk mixed with baby cereal, bundled her up in a soft, squishy towel tucked into our baby birds' incubator for the time being...fingers crossed she's still with us in the morning. She is absolutely just the cutest thing you've ever laid eyes on and of course two of us want to keep her...but wild babies should remain wild babies and I'll be happy to raise her to the point that we can let her go outside again, wild and free...
Any who--for the arting aspect of the weekend, I did up a couple more postcards for Random Acts of Mail. The little birdie design I found on Pinterest some time back--it was done in my Windsor-Newton watercolors and Sharpie pen. The blooms card was done with Sharpie and Neocolor II's--love those things! So all set and waiting for addresses to get sent out into the world to brighten somebody's day!

Tonight Michael starts his official guitar lessons now that the quickie spring program is done at the rec center, so really interested to see how much more he'll learn in a one-on-one situation without the distractions of seven other fidgety students...And just a week and a half left of school--summer will get here eventually!!

Happy Monday, ya'll!
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  1. Cute cards - a couple unknowns will really enjoy them. I'll have to play more with my Neocolor IIs cause so far I don't love them.
    Good luck with the bunny. They are adorable.

  2. Such cute cards. Love the little birdy!