Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Day on the Fisherman's Wharf

Something I've wanted to do since we moved here was to go down to the State Pier and just hang out on the wharf, looking at all the fishing boats and today we finally went. Omigosh--I could just stay there all day, every day! The water, the boats, the air, and all of New Bedford rising up behind...sweet heaven!
First we popped into the visitor's center on the Fisherman's Wharf, watched a little video about the fish auctions that used to happen right there back in the cool. I'm completely enamored with the fishing and whaling history of New Bedford--can't get enough of it! Saw this beautiful artist's map of town and grabbed two--I would've nabbed a few more but there were only the two left! How cute is this?!
Then we headed out to look at the boats--just the perfect day, sunny but not too warm and not too windy, gorgeous bright blue sky, the water a deep sapphire blue...I breathe in the salty air and smell of fish, watching seagulls sailing overhead. So the best place in the world to be--who would want to live anywhere else??

We watched as the Ambassador headed out to sea

A marina across the water in Fairhaven


Rolls of fishing nets. A super nice guy stopped to explain the difference between the fishing boats and scallop boats.

The hurricane wall and Palmers Light

My guys and the Miss Amanda

We saw jellies everywhere! Some guy stopped to ask if I saw the seal?! Apparently a seal was frolicking somewhere in the area but sadly we didn't spot him today...another time?
The boats are just huge and so beautiful. I would love to spend a day on one out on the water watching the guys fish. Such an adventurous life to me...Can't wait to go back again, maybe take a harbor tour and see if we can spot a seal or two while we're there! Yay!


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    1. They really are, they just take my breath away...could spend forever down there just drinking it all in! :)