Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ICAD #3-4

I've been feeling rather anxious this week and I'm trying to pin it down to figure out why, but it could be a hundred different things. My brain always likes to overthink everything so sometimes it's better to just tune it all out the best I can, take a deep breath and keep moving forward.

We did have a perfectly gorgeous day at the beach Sunday. It was so hot and humid here in town, a final blast of the weekend's heat wave, so we packed up our towels and sunscreen, threw on our suits, and off we went to Horseneck Beach to play a while. Just exactly what I needed--it was sunny and breezy, not hot or humid at all. I sat and listened to the waves crashing in and eventually braved a walk in the water, which was ice cold at first but quickly adapted and it felt oh so heavenly....Bug buried himself in the sand, hubby collected white beach rocks for the flower beds, and I happily soaked it all in-the salty air, the soft, warm sand, the crashing waves, seagulls sailing overhead. I didn't want to leave...but, alas, dinner was waiting at home and life does have to go on....We did buy a summer parking pass so we can go back anytime, as often as we want now and not have to pay--yay!

Life is good at the beach!

I did get a couple more cards done for ICAD:

Prompts Calligraphy (a little...) and Purple for Colors

Prompt: Candyland

I'm also jumping back in to The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. I worked through this book so many years ago and lately I've been wanting to do it again. I've got a few friends from our Zia Yahoo group who are joining in, so I'm hoping we can keep each other going along this journey because it's really easy to find yourself sidetracked and quit.
I have a busy day ahead, bunch of chores to catch up on, a book to pick up at the library, grocery shopping and I have to swing by the vet's as well since they overcharged me yesterday for Pea and Boo's exams and shots--grrr!! But lots of good arting plans to play with once I get caught up for the day--yay! So have a great Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Absolutely wonderful!!! you are so lucky to have warm weather. its been gloomy and horrible here in Toronto. I love the positive verse. Very beautiful! I adore the lolly pop candy flowers! how fun are those!!! Have a lovely weekend!!! :D