Thursday, June 20, 2013

Artist's Way Wednesday--oops, it's Thursday...

So, I'm already off my blog schedule just one week in--go figure. Having this sweet little lumpkin in the house that needs fed every few hours has thrown my focus off, but who can complain watching her grow so fat and fuzzy? She loves to nuzzle down wherever she can--your neck, the crook of your elbow...I'm falling head over heels for this tiny little life and I have to keep reminding myself we need to let her go in a few more weeks when she's ready to be out on her own...My heart is already breaking at the thought...*sob!*

But, so I haven't kept up with my index cards and the week's Diva challenge just isn't speaking to me. The Summer of Color combination this week is orange and hot pink which doesn't appeal to me in the least--I'm not much of a warm color girl, maybe? I do have some journal ideas swimming around in my head that I need to rein in before they're lost and gone forever (I'm really good at that...) I have all these little notes of things to work on...I'll get little step at a time, I'll get there.

I did sit down and finish this piece yesterday. I sketched it out on Tuesday then finished inking it in with my beloved Sharpies and colored with Derwent watercolor pencil. I sort of wish I'd gone with my Aquamarkers maybe for more just seems too light, too pastel, needs a wee bit more life, more oomph...but overall I do like the design:

As for where I'm at with The Artist's Way, I've rather breezed through chapters three and four--neither really addressed any current issues, I suppose, and I thought I'd skip right on to chapter five (enter Lumpkin) but haven't gotten around to that just yet. I'm planning a beachy artist date for Tuesday next week before my kiddo is home for the summer. A stop at Fort Phoenix in Fairhaven followed by a little browsing in two of my favorite shops nearby, the Sea Witch and Euro at Phoenix. So keepin' keepin' on! Have a great Thursday!!


  1. I really like this! I just received a handmade journal as a gift. 20 pages.your art is given inspiration.

  2. Your lettering is amazing. love that piece!

  3. It looks so lovely, I wish I could write like that. Gorgeous.

  4. I love the colours! Beautiful :)