Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Artist Way Wednesday

Well, I'm on Week Two of Julia Cameron's Artist's Way and already I feel myself opening up to more creative playing. Yesterday I spent the day in a mix of media like I've never done before--I painted acrylics on a slate, watercolor on a greeting card and an ICAD card, sprinkled and spritzed with salt, glue, and masking fluid. I Mod-Podged a collaged art journal page then covered it with gesso for some lettering work and even played with a possible little poem for the page--me, poetry! I took a break for lunch then sat and tangled most of the afternoon away, creating three different cards--I just couldn't stop! It's so fun seeing all of this artistic productivity proliferating--who knew that was all in there?!

So another experiment with collage--I've had the bits and pieces for these pages laying around for a while now, just waiting to be put together, and while I was waiting for other things to dry I thought I'd give this some of my attention as well. I really have no idea what I'm doing with collage, but I loved the colors and the fish, which matched my little butterfly (why not?) and a fortune from somebody's cookie after Chinese one night that reads, "One of the best things to do sometimes is just be," which totally spoke to me after watching Eat, Pray, Love last night--what a great movie! Anyways, this is as far as I got since I had to wait for the gesso to dry--darn humidity!! Hopefully it won't be too long before I can get back to doing some journaling/lettering and finish it all up!

You'll have to wait to see pics of the other pretties I worked on today--ooo, like a cliff hanger...come back tomorrow to see more goodies!! Haha! Happy Wednesday!


  1. awesome I love it
    and will be looking forward to tomorrow

  2. I was in my room last night. Crafting is fun and using your imagination.

    Is fun. Better this addicition then the wrong addicition. Right.

    Nice job! I like them.

  3. Love this already and curious what's more to come. btw I love to follow your blog.