Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Not Very ICAD Tuesday

Well, seeing as I've posted pretty much all of last week's cards with other ongoing challenge posts, I don't have too much in the way of index cards to share today--but I have other fun pics that I hope you might like if you wanna take a look...

I posted yesterday about the tiny baby bunny we saved from Tucker and wanted to share a couple shots of our adorable new addition:

Tiny feets--yes, I kissed the toes!

So incredibly CUTE!!!
And as if this gift were not quite enough...while chillin' out back waiting on dinner to grill, Kyle spotted a Baltimore Oriole chasing another bird up in our trees and through the neighbors'! So we watched and waited for the bird to reappear and were hugely rewarded to find we have a NEST in one of our trees! We saw both Mom and Dad coming and going from the nest--so totally excited! Such amazingly beautiful birds!! And we're gonna have babies!!!

Nest tucked away in the branches

Dad coming out for a morning excursion

Is he beautiful or what??

I knew I wouldn't have any time to get any creating done yesterday, but I did snap a shot of the card I made for Bug to give Bill for Father's Day:

So cute, my kiddo!

Some watercolor, some salt, and some Sharpie--shazah!
And finally, Ruby still considers herself a wee pocket puppy and tucked herself underneath the breakfast nook bench this morning...silly girl--she only weighs 85lbs! Add about thirty to that and you've got Tucker--pocket puppy...not in my lifetime! I love big dogs! Okay, I love dogs...who cares what size they are! Haha!

Have a super great Tuesday!

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  1. Ooooh, the bunny is so cute. So is your doggie and your son. Love the card you made. Interesting bird in your garden. Have a good and creative week.