Thursday, June 6, 2013

ICAD #5-6 and Diva Challenge #121

Carrying on with the Index Card a Day, I used the week's Paisley prompt and incorporated the Diva's UMT Challenge to use CZT Mary Kissel's pattern, Bird on a Wire for the top card, and the bottom card was inspired by our trip to Horseneck Beach this weekend:


Summer is quickly coming up on us, though most of our southern friends' kids are already out of school, the last day here won't be until the 26th. I'm trying to find things to keep my kiddo busy (read as: not glued to the computer screen) and so I've found summer basketball and dodge ball, plus the summer bowling league, and I'd like to get him signed up for regular guitar lessons now that the rec center's lessons are done. And before you know it, he'll be starting middle school and I'll be wondering how my little one's grown up so fast...*sigh*

I've gotten a little group started on the Artist's Way and we're working through Week One (if anyone's interested in joining us, just leave a comment and I will happily send you an invite to our Yahoo group!) Very excited to see where this journey might go--yay!

One last beautiful day here and rain sets in for the weekend after midnight. I'm biking and running and taking the dogs for late morning or after lunch walks. The Color Me Rad 5k is scheduled in Providence for late September and I would so love to run it! Bill and Bug could be with the folks throwing paint on the runners--fun for the whole family! Haha!

So, happy Thursday--thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you here again soon!



  1. Hi Dawn, I love your cards and am enjoying the ICAD challenge! I read The Artist's Way years ago, have fun!

  2. Wow, Dawn, I love your colored pieces. especially the one with the sun, the clouds and the waves. Great how you turned the birds into such beautiful nature elements. With great colors. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. Nice use of the tangle as a string.

  4. Beautiful cards. Very light and happy. Great work.

  5. Wow, it makes a great border for your leaves!

  6. Dawn, you met this challenge head on. The Paisley Birds are beautiful. And I love the seascape too..Both of these pieces make me smile.

  7. Both cards are lovely. The yellow dots on the first one make the feature tangle just pop. What is The Artist's Way?

    1. Thanks Linda!
      The Arist's Way is a book written by Julia Cameron about creative spiritual recovery. It's a great twelve week program that helps you unblock your creativity. I loved doing it before and am really excited about it again this time! Care to join us?