Saturday, October 12, 2013

Scattered Life Collective

current time: 6:21

on the menu: coffee, coffee, then a little more coffee

out the window: the neighbor's flashing Halloween lights

reading: you guessed it, still working on Winter of the World but making good progress!

listening:  Overcomer by Mandisa--such an inspiring song! And it gets ya' movin' too...

watching: Project Runway Season 12--we're down to the final episode!! I knew Helen wouldn't make it to Fashion Week and I'm really relieved that Alexandria did--she is such an inspiration to all those little Camp Couture peanuts! I'm totally rooting for her--though I believe Dom can completely sweep the win this year. All four finalists are fabulous--no matter who wins, I love them all!

good things: 
  • Bug's teacher has invited him to join the Math Counts Club at school! He's so smart and I'm super proud!!
  • Ooo! I found the most awesome jade plant at Avant Gardens last week (really should have a picture to plug in here...sorry...) They're actually closed for the season and we completely barged in on owner, Kathy, who was absolutely just kind and gracious and let us browse all the greenhouses anyway. Can't wait to go back in the spring--and in the meantime, you can check out her awesome blog: Garden Foreplay
  • mums, mums, everywhere
  • mellowcreme pumpkins....aaahhh...

icky things and their silver linings:
  • mellowcreme pumpkins....only available for a couple more weeks then I can safely return to the grocery stores
  • yeah, I've abandoned my 31 Days of restaurant reviews--it just felt lame and stupid...onward to other ventures!
Around and About
  • We are off to the Cranberry Harvest Celebration today!
  • Tomorrow we head to Boston with the family to spend a day out 'n about with our nephew, Ryan, who leaves for Hong Kong at the end of the month for work. So celebrating and enjoying the day with the ones we love--and oyster shooters!!

Have a great weekend--enjoy this gorgeous fall weather and the beautiful foliage all around! Hope to see you soon!


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