Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day Two: Mirasol's Cafe and a Couple Forgotten Pics to Post...

Welcome back to 31 Days of Food Fun in New Bedford! Day Two stays in the coffee shop realm and brings us to Mirasol's Café in Dartmouth. Mirasol's is adorably decorated, drawing you in with bright, happy, hand-painted windows bursting with sunflowers on the outside, and inside you'll discover a colorful chalkboard with their handwritten menu, a fun mix of chairs, benches, tables, and nooks all inviting you to hang out, relax, and enjoy yourself a while...


Mirasol's offers a full range of delicious seasonal soups, South American inspired sandwiches, wraps, and salads--even a breakfast and kid's menu, followed up with scrumptious tempting desserts. Any place that includes asparagus and avocado on a sandwich is definitely a winner in my book!
Then there's their drink menu--a variety of coffee blends, flavors and roasts, the usual espresso drinks, both hot and cold, hot and frozen flavored cocoas, chai's, shakes, and smoothies. But what Mirasol's is probably most famous for is their Chippi--in their words: " Our own Super Charged, Super Sexy and Dangerous Iced Coffee: Our secret recipe combined with a luscious richness makes this a true dessert in a cup as well as a potent punch to get you through your day or night….most likely BOTH. Some say it tastes like a coffee frappe, others say melted coffee ice cream--and it does have a serious caffeine boost."

I've not dared to try the Chippi yet--I'm too afraid of becoming addicted, but it sure sounds good!! One day....

Then yesterday I realized I hadn't posted a couple pictures I'd had scanned in last week. The first is a simple swirly doodle design I played with (makes your eyes a little wonky...)
And next is a mixed media Christmas card--have to get busy on those envelopes!

And there you have it--day two of thirty-one! I remembered a couple more restaurants I'd like to include in my reviews so this just might carry on a little longer than just through October...yay! Thanks for swinging by!

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  1. Hi Dawn! I popped over to check out Nester's place and saw your beautiful face! Yay! WIll check out your posts...I love your cofee benefits drawing!