Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Days Begins

Some years back, a blog challenge began one cool crisp October to write every day on one topic for thirty-one days. I found this year's current challenge happening at The Nesting Place but I wasn't 100% sure of what I would write, could write, or even might want to write about for every day this month...hmmm....Then, sudsing away, it hit me in the shower (my muse's favorite cropping up place--that and behind the wheel driving, neither place equipped or even really made for writing, jotting notes, etc. as one is super soapy and wet, the other life threatening to try writing while driving...*eh-hem...I've done it anyway...shhhhh....)

But, back when I began writing over at Life in the Trenches, I recall writing about jobs I would've enjoyed and at the top of my list would be a restaurant/food critic--especially like those guys on TV who get PAID to travel the world and sample amazing international cuisine....aaahhh. That seriously was never offered during job fairs or career planning days in high school...I feel ripped off somehow...So, what I would like to do is venture into that world however tangently (yeah, I made that word up...) and offer up my own reviews of the restaurants we frequent locally.

Mind you, I (obviously) have no formal training in the food critiquing industry beyond my own personal love affair with food, so I'm not sure I'm actually qualified for this endeavor. So, perhaps keep that thought tucked away over the next thirty-one days that what you are reading is more 'palate opinionated' rather than any 'real professionally trained experience related'. Yet, in the end, doesn't our own personal taste determine our true likes and desires more than someone else's professional opinion anyway?

And, so I begin...I love New Bedford-and New England-and seafood-and coffee. We eat out probably more than we should but there's just so much wonderful food to try around here!! From super fresh seafood, simple little hot dog shops and diners, breakfast joints, and pizza places to even cooler international fare-especially here in New Bedford with its dense Portuguese population along with Cape Verdeans, Indians, Guatemalans....There's a literal buffet of different eatery experiences to take in and I am determined to try them all! I'll start with the restaurants we've eaten at--including coffee shops and ice creameries--I made a list and have more than thirty-one to write about! If all goes well, I've continued my list to places we've been wanting to try, so this could very well continue past the thirty-one day challenge--who knows? At least it gives me a reason to write again--and I'll still post arting projects as they occur for those interested--maybe I'll have to start up a second 'just writing' blog...

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Welcome 31 Days

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