Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday Scattered Life Collective

current time: 5:47am

on the menu: haven't really thought about it yet...still working on my coffee

out the window: an unexpected downpour passing through

reading: I read really slow...still working on Winter of the World and also picked up the autumn issue of Art Journaling Magazine--it's a beauty, as always! Valerie Sjodin is in this issue and I love, love, love her art!!! Grab an issue--it's fabulous!

listening:  Michael has this song running through my head a lot lately...I really like Lana Del Rey, she's certainly not cookie cutter current. Her voice and music are just weird and different enough to catch my interest--one of those that at first you're not sure if you like it or hate it and I've fallen on the 'like it' side of the fence.

watching: Grey's Anatomy and if Richard wasn't half dead, I think I'd rip out that feeding tube and kill him myself after this week's episode--which I really don't get since at the end of last week's episode he says he made the right choice (choosing Meredith) and this week he's wrong?? What?? I'm officially hating the man. No one hurts Mere!! Feel free to starve to death and die. Jerk!

good things: 
  • Broccoli sautéed with crab and teriyaki sauce (Those of you eating carbs can serve over brown rice.) So easy. So yummy.
  • Have you seen Wishbone's new Buffalo Blue Cheese dressing? GET SOME!!
  • Oh! And Sweet Baby Ray's has just come out with Dipping Sauce! Tastes like Bloomin' Onion sauce--getcha summa dat, too!
  • You know you're on a diet when all the 'Good Things' are food related...
  • Un-food related: Sweet Baby Gabe--our nephew's adorable little peanut--came with Grammy for a visit last night. He is just the cutest thing since Michael was that age! He was fascinated with our birdies--kept sneaking in their room to see them. And we played the new Angry Birds Star Wars II--he calls the piggies 'bad guys'--omigoodness, adore him!!
  • Our one year anniversary for moving to New Bedford is tomorrow!! That calls for a celebration! Woot Woot!

icky things and their silver linings:
  • Bug's brain drain math homework...he's gonna be way smarter than me. At least he was able to stay after school for some tutoring and came home understanding way better. He is gonna be way smarter than me--and I'm a fairly bright cookie. Okay, not when it comes to math. I art. I don't do math.
Around and About
  • New Bedford's 8th Annual Oktoberfest is today!
  • Also, the Lakeville Arts & Music Festival is today! I'm mainly going to see local artist, Susan Boerman who paints these super adorable little owls and hoping hoping hoping she's got a print of the one I fell in love with at the Apple & Peach Festival last month (fingers and toes crossed!!) Plus it'll be a beautiful day to peruse artful pretties before heading to the Pier for Oktoberfest--yay!
So there's the week's collective...Hope you're enjoying a fabulous fall weekend! Thanks as always for popping by!


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