Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day One: Dunkin' Donuts

So, it might seem a little lame to start this all off with a coffee shop but Dunkin' Donuts is huge around here. I love coffee--especially caramel lattes--and Sheetz used to be my favorite latte fix back in PA. Then we moved to MA and there are no Sheetz here. None. Nada. Zip. Meh. There are, however, Dunkin' Donuts practically everywhere you turn! Check out the map below--all those little pink dots...Dunkin's. Google 'em and scroll up to Boston, you'd think it was a Breast Cancer Awareness rally for all the pink!! We have one lowly Starbucks tucked away in our Dartmouth Target--that's it. And, oh, there are a few little other coffee shops here trying to hold their own against Dunkin', but...truly, our king of caffeine here is spelled out in orange and pink:
Dunkin's originated here in Quincy, MA back in 1950, hence their dense population. Ashlee and I once joked about making it our mission to visit every Dunkin's in the area--that's a lot of coffee!! We've been to many and have an endless list to carry on with this mission...But I have a clear favorite of the closest stores: 2095 Acushnet Ave, here in New Bedford. I have driven past four other Dunkin's as well as other myriad little coffee shops and Honeydews (another coffee competitor in the area) to go to the Acushnet Ave store. The staff is silly and friendly, and they make the BEST caramel swirl latte in New Bedford, hands down (and they super pile on the whipped cream and caramel swirl--oh worth the extra gas and travel when you want *just a little more please*)
And now that it's fall, pumpkin everything is on the menu! I'll  occasionally indulge in a pumpkin latte--straight up, no extra white chocolate or other added flavor, thank you. Dunkin's flavors can sometimes go overboard on sweetness--a little goes a long, long way...I got to sample their pumpkin munchkins the other night--super yummy! Though I haven't tried their pumpkin pie filled donut yet--that's more up Bill's alley than mine...And with winter not all that far off, I can start dreaming about Dunkaccino's--their coffee/cocoa concoction that is oh so good! And minty or salted caramel cocoas--mm mm yummy!!

It's no wonder, with so many yummy flavors of coffee and donuts, along with a great menu of sandwiches as well, that America truly does 'run on Dunkin's!'




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