Saturday, October 26, 2013

Diva Challenge #141 and the Weekend's Excursions

It feels like it's been forever since I've done a Diva's Challenge or any tangling at all lately, so I headed over to see what Laura had planned for everyone this week to find a Duo Tangle challenge to combine the lovely Fengle and Quandary-two of my favorites together in one challenge! I had visions of Quandary spilling out of the Fengle wings but couldn't quite get it to come out just right on paper, so ended up using Quandary as a fill...then added zippy little zingers for the Fengle tips--ah, fun!

So it's almost Halloween and I let my dear husband talk me into going to a haunted house last night--I hate haunted houses...Scary, ghoulie people dripping in blood and wielding chain saws, hiding behind every shadow and tucked in every corner waiting to jump out at you, scaring, screaming, cackling...No sir, not my cup of tea...But, off we went. Took along a friend of Bug's--who, as luck would have it, was just as scared as I was--we held on to each other with a death grip while Bill and Bug laughed and had a grand old time...fiends...Really, for the most part, it was a lot of fun. I haven't been to a haunted house in at least fifteen to twenty years (good heavens that makes me feel old!!) and we did laugh and jump and scurry our winding way through the dark passages--just 'til we got to the room where the chainsaw massacre guys were and they scared the living daylights out of me and wouldn't let up (I cried...a was awful...) Okay, and the laughing clowns were kinda creepy, too...But, it's Halloween--everyone needs a little creeping, crawling, good old fashioned scaring for Halloween and I'll definitely go again next year. Smiley

The coolest thing I'm looking forward to this weekend, though, is tomorrow! I'm heading down to the Buzzard's Bay Rowing Club for a free open row. They row whaling boats every morning and anyone can come out to join them. You get three free open rows before you have decide to join the club (though I'm already like 99.9% there and I've not even rowed yet--haha!) They row out on Buzzard's Bay, year round, participate in rowing races, hang out at the lighthouse, get to see seals playing in the water--seriously, I am so there!! Can't wait to get out on the bay--too super cool!! I love Massachusetts more and more every day!!

Now I really need to scoot and get ready for bowling here--thanks for stopping by! Have a fantastic weekend and a spook-tacular Halloween!!


  1. Really like how you approached this. Your tile looks like it could be the front of a card. I like what you did with Fengle and alternating the fill in the foreground and background.

  2. Your composition is lovely. It is graceful but full of movement. Love the background

  3. Very well done!!! Thanks for sharing your story about the haunted house. Here in the Netherlands we hardly know about Halloween so it's nice to know about other countries.