Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Zendala Dare #32

I suppose I sort of fell off the Art Every Day bandwagon...It's been rather hectic here and I needed to take a break from something...Seems like the first thing I always let go is my art...But I did get a couple things done-I finished my tile for our Zia group Secret Santa swap and popped that giftie in the mail yesterday. Today the kids had only a half day of school so Bug was home extra early with a friend in tow. Hard to concentrate with boys bouncing around in the other room, but I did sit down with the week's zendala dare and came up with this:

Black and white--wasn't sure I even wanted to color it in...

But what good is having that gorgeous set of Prismacolor pencils if I don't use them??

My Secret Santa Christmas tile, now airborne to California...
Tomorrow we head to Ash and Kyle's for an early Thanksgiving (oooo--gonna have me some turkey!!) Not sure if I'll have much creative play time...I still have the week's Diva challenge to do, I'm behind schedule now with my One Zentangle a Day (I so love this book!!) and Miss Holly still sits unfinished as serious painting time eludes me...I'll get there--soon I hope!!

Anyway...thanks for taking the time to peek in and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!


  1. Your zendala is great! Now one can see that it was so busy around you.

  2. This tile is so so so beautiful. I love every detail of it, and the colors makes it complete. Stunning.

  3. Dawn - your Zendala is truly beautiful - It's one of the most gorgeous ones I've seen - ever.....and I had to smile at your Christmas card as I've just sent mine off to the U.S and I too used vertigough :)
    P.S yours is much nicer... and I forgot to take a final pic of mine.... was hurrying before postie came to collect the mail :))

  4. Lovely zendala!!
    Branch and an ornament was something I plan to try to paint this year. I always love it--a classic! Yours turned out really nice!
    Hope you had a good thanksgiving. :)

  5. I think this time I agree with the black and white over the color. It is so delicate and it seems to loose some of that when your eye sees the color.