Tuesday, November 13, 2012

AEDM Day 13 (...9...)

What a beautiful day we had yesterday! It hit about seventy here, just a gorgeous sunny day. The kids didn't have school, off for Veterans Day, so rather than sit inside playing video games all afternoon, we grabbed the neighbors' boys and headed for the beach. Too much fun! They climbed all over the rocks at Fort Phoenix, then after a bathroom pit stop at Dunkin Donuts, we decided to hit the road for Horseneck. I am so in love with that beach! The sand is incredibly soft and silky and the beach stretches away for miles, just rolling waves and sandy shores as far as the eye can see...heaven!

So the boys splashed and jumped in the waves and I gathered up some of those milky white rocks you can only find at the beach. I chatted with folks passing by (especially if they had dogs!) Everyone loved seeing the kids out in the water having a great time--absolutely perfect day!

I wasn't sure I'd have enough time to finish the day's zentangle, even though I had sketched it out earlier in the morning. Made a quick dinner while hubby went to visit his dad at rehab and sat down to ink in my tangle...The day's assignment was to create a design with tangleations of previously given patterns. You could spend all day just playing with tangleation possibilities and something like that could easily overwhelm my OCD brain (is it enough? Should I do something different? Will it look good? What if I did this instead? Endlessly until I didn't manage to create anything...) So I kept it simple and quick and did this:


It's all I said, there are simply hundreds of possibilities and I could've spent all day pondering what I 'could do' rather than just do, maybe when I have more time to play I'll try more tangleations and see just what I can come up with then...

Beach pics:
Climbing the rocks at Fort Phoenix

Playing in the waves at Horseneck
Too much fun!! And so much to catch up on today along with figuring out what to do about my phone that fell in the water yesterday...and doesn't seem to want to work for me this morning...Oh boy!! Happy Tuesday and thanks for stopping by!



  1. It has been lovely here too. I'm so happy you worked in a beach day. Nothing inspires the muse like the ocean.

  2. Love your Zentangle...some parts of it appear to be jumping off the page. I love it when that happens!