Friday, November 16, 2012

AEDM Day 16 (...12...)

Well, I didn't actually skip a day of arting, just posting. Day 11's project was a black Zentangle tile, of which I don't have official 'tiles' so I simply tangled on an old black notebook page with my white Gelly Roll pen and I was rather disappointed with the results, so I didn't bother with taking pictures or posting about it. Blah. Not all arting comes out victorious but at least the practice makes one better, smarter having learned from mistakes made, and eager to strive for more successful results, right?

So yesterday morning I stayed with my mother-in-law so sister-in-law could go grocery shopping, run errands, and stop to visit father-in-law at the nursing home. I can't even begin to imagine being in her shoes. Everything heaped on her shoulders...Mostly mornings spent there are quiet and uneventful, save for the cat coming up from the basement to demand some attention. I typically see more of her than of Mom, who spends most of her day sleeping anymore. But Mom actually did get up for a little while yesterday, and sat in the kitchen with me to eat her breakfast. She wasn't feeling well, dizzy and headachey, and soon headed back to bed. I carried on with my Zentangle a Day and this is yesterday's (not official) tile:

Patterns of the day were Echoism, Finery, and Flukes. I love the soft feathery-ness of Finery paired with the harder, scaliness of Flukes and the rippling flow of Echoism...

Today once again I'll be playing catch up at home. This whole week seems to have gotten away from me and we have a full weekend ahead with bowling, and the church's Christmas Fair on Saturday, then a Thanksgiving service Sunday afternoon at the Seaman's Bethel -a historic chapel, nearly two hundred years old and the 'Whaleman's Chapel' of Melville's Moby Dick--how super cool is that?? Next week is Thanksgiving break already and I have no idea what we're actually doing for the holiday...I don't dare blink, otherwise it'll be Christmas!

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