Wednesday, November 14, 2012

AEDM Day 14 (...10...)

Well, most of yesterday was spent dealing with my Lack of Phone issues...I bounced from the Verizon store to an AT&T store and ended up on the phone with Verizon's customer service (always the way to go!) who've kept me from jumping ship at the exhoribitant cost of almost $300 for early termination of my contract--yikes!! Sorry AT&T...I told the guys who waited on me that I'd be back. I won't. At least not for two more years...But I am happy with Verizon (when they give me what I want--I truly am a brat, I confess...) I'm getting a super cool phone--a Droid Razr M and all is right with the world once more. Like anyone really cares about my phone issues, right? I know--it just took all of my morning to get that sorted out and after spending all of Monday playing, I'm way behind house-wise and I didn't get much caught up after lunch but I will jump on all of that today. Projects are piling up!

I did sit down after dinner to do the day's Zentangle project. Patterns for the day were Vega and Purk (one of my favorites!) And I did a little fill with Tippled Hollibaugh for this result:

I was worried the Tipple might muddle the effect of the Purk, but my only issue with this is that it's hard to discern the smalled Purk sitting on top of the larger. It's a little eyeball bendy and I like that!
Today, as I said, is playing catch up on finishing the laundry and housework since tomorrow I'll be at my sister-in-law's for a good chunk of the morning--a good time to catch up on reading! I'm trying to finish Fevre Dream so I can at least start 11/22/63 before we go see Stephen King speak in Lowell! Too many irons in the fire! Aaahhh! Haha--it's good to be busy with so many happy things! Thanks for stopping by and have a great Wednesday!


  1. Wonderful zen tangle ~ lots of creative energy ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  2. I love your zentangle (again ;-) I didn't know Purk yet, I love it!