Sunday, November 11, 2012

AEDM Day 11 (...7...)

Woohoo!! Even in the midst of our busy day yesterday, I still managed to find time to squeak out the day's zentangle! Okay, granted, that's not how you're supposed to do's supposed to be a quieter, meditative process, hence the 'zen'...But, I had a little time before Bug's tournament to go over and sketch out the day's exercise, even managed to ink it in and start coloring some before the bowling got under way (the boys had a great day and fun was had by all, I believe!) Then later in the day I finished coloring and shading...and here ya' go!

I like yesterday's tile much better than this one...The day's patterns (only two) were Isochor and Printemps, with the added 'sparkle' technique, which I hadn't tried before. Isochor still confounds me. I had been drawing it a completely different way than the step out in the book (One Zentangle a Day), and I think I like my way better than this way (but does that make it something other than Isochor??) Anyway, I do love the sparkle (should've sparkled my Crescent Moon, I think...)

So this morning is church and then yard clean up for a good portion of the afternoon. I have Erin's weekly zendala dare printed out and ready to go and I'm pretty sure what I plan to do with it (though those weeks I seem to change completely and do something altogether different than what started out in my head...) and I will do my best to do Day Six of One Zentangle a Day--and I didn't think I'd get any arting done all weekend! If I didn't have the challenge, I would've skipped it though, so a great big Thank You to Leah over at Creative Every Day for helping me (make) take the time to tangle and create!

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  1. I just purchased my first Zentangle book. I have always found this sort of drawing to be so relaxing. A link I followed from your blog mentioned how much it helped them focus, relax and heal. Thank you.