Saturday, November 3, 2012

Zendala Dare 29

Getting things in here right under the wire this week...though I didn't have much time to play. School and work both closed Monday and Tuesday had Bill and Bug home extra days, Wednesday Ash was here all afternoon waiting to take Bug trick-or-treating, Thursday I spent a couple hours after lunch at my sister-in-law's to keep an eye on Mom while Cindy went to visit their dad in the hospital, which left me yesterday to do anything really creative. Well, I did get my plan sketched out for the week's zendala while I sat at Cindy's so all I had to do was ink it in and color--after the day's house work was all done and getting Bug off the bus early since Fridays are half days here for school. Actually didn't see him after that until dinner time since he stayed up at his friends' playing X-Box all afternoon... Have I mentioned how much I love this neighborhood?? (Okay, not that I didn't see Bug all afternoon, just that he has friends to hang out with for a change rather than sitting here glued to the computer or bored out of his wits...) Anywho...

So this is my zendala for the week:

Aahh!! There's my color!! Channelled a little LeeAnn Denzer kinda sorta...I love how she uses color, she is truly a master of colored pencil! I was just happy this didn't come out feeling all dark and heavy like I've been doing so much of lately. It's maybe a little too springy for this time of year, but I think I needed some light airiness for a change...Oh, I saw a patch of pink daisies on the roadside this week, so wonder where that inspiration fell in? Haha...must plant pink daisies for my garden next year!!


  1. so fresh and happy !!!! lovely!!!!!!!!

  2. Your zendala turned out very beautiful, Dawn. The colours are perfect with each other.

  3. I love this Zendala! It's so light and happy. In my book, there is no such thing as "too springy," no matter the time of year ;-).


  4. I agree on there never being too much spring. And this makes me feel very happy to look at. Love the work you did with the colors. You got that lightness you were after.