Thursday, November 8, 2012

Art Every Day Month (Technically Day 8, for me Day 4...always been a late bloomer...)

So I'm jumping on board the AEDM train a little late because I didn't really find out about it until it was well under way-but I'm playing along anyway. Day One would've been my PIE zendala, Day Two the Diva challenge Socc zentangle, Day Three I started a new six week course called One Zentangle A Day, which should carry me well through AEDM and almost up to Christmas! Yay! These are the pics for Days Three and Four:

You are given three patterns a day to work with to create a Zentangle. Using an old leftover sketchbook--figure this will be a great reference piece when the course is finished.
I'm really excited about the next six weeks of zentangle as I work through this course. I've been playing with this since April and am totally in love with the art and the process. There's an amazing online community of incredibly talented artists who share their work and techniques, along with being a constant source of inspiration! I enjoy learning from them but I also hope to attend a certification course next year and then be able to teach Zentangle to others. Too much fun!
(On a side note for AEDM-I'm also working on an acrylic painting of a pet portrait and got the background completed yesterday. Not posting pics every day, but will update progress reports as it comes along...Nothing like a teaser!)

And, completely unrelated:
Things You Can Do With A Bassett:
She really does have eyeballs!

People can be so annoying....

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  1. Love your tangles! I think I maybe should do one again, it's been a while...