Friday, November 9, 2012

AEDM-Day 9 (er, 5...)

 Continuing on with AEDM--we should do this every month! Of course, there is a Creativity Every Day challenge...Just somedays it's hard to find the time to sit and play. And looking at the long weekend coming up so quickly here, I'm wondering just how much art I'll be able to accomplish over the next three days. Saturday we have the Father/Son bowling tournament then family adventuring after. Sunday, weather permitting, is more yard clean up from these storms that have dumped leaves and branches all over, and Monday Bugga's home from school for Veteran's Day. So he'll either be gone all day or I'll have a houseful of boys crammed in the office playing video games on the computer and eating everything in the fridge and snack cupboard...Then next weekend's Thanksgiving already! How can that possibly be?? I really need to get cracking on wrapping for Christmas... and baking! This time of year always flies by too fast....
Anyway, I wasn't completely happy with my first tile response to the Diva's Weekly Challenge #94-UMT Socc and something in the auras made me think of Mi2, so I wanted to play with a combo of the patterns...and, I don't know, maybe I need more practice with's still not quite what I was thinking of...
Then for Day Three of One Zentangle A Day, the patterns we were given were Poke Root (yes, I mislabled my sample as Poke Leaf but fixed it this morning after I saw it in the brain stops working after, well, it's not really worked all that well since Michael was born??...), Festune, and Hollibaugh. And my tile, with a little Tipple thrown in as well:

Ta-daaa! I do like this!
So, time for breakfast and some quality time on the treadmill before I get on with the day. Oh, I did make some great progress on the pet portrait as well yesterday (it was a good, good day!! And aren't you curious to see?? Haha!) Happy Friday everyone!! Thanks for stopping by and hopefully I'll have more to share tomorrow!


  1. Excellent zen tangles ~ Wow! ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  2. Mi2 and Socc are great togheter! I alos love the second one.

  3. Both tiles are great. Combining Mi2 and Socc turned out very well. And I'm curious what you have more to show us. I'll come back.

  4. Do you refer to beckah krahulas book 'one zentangle a day'? My husband had bought this for me as a present, I absolutely love it!

  5. Your tile is lovely, Dawn :) The socc is so light and airy and the continuation from mi2 is a great idea. Is the one zentangle a day from the book? It would be nice to complete something every day!

    1. Yes, it's the book. I really recommend it if you don't have it--too much fun and TONS of patterns that aren't online!

  6. I love how your MI2 is squeezing out Socc, very neat. Your Zentangle for Day 3 is very fun, lot's of character. Wonderful sense of volume!

  7. i love this, dawn! i need to get my book out and start working my way through it!

  8. Wow! Love how Socc transforms into Mi2.

  9. With Auras in tact and the pen work I can was a success!