Monday, August 26, 2013

More Mail Art for Monday

I've been a bit quiet this week, pondering painting again. I've really loved playing with all the water soluble media--watercolors, pencils and pastels, but it's been forever since I touched my acrylics and it's a bit intimidating thinking about diving back in. Honestly, I don't know why. I painted only with acrylics for years. Just being out of practice makes me feel awkward and unsure of myself. I spy these other more familiar materials sitting there on the table and I'm drawn to what I'm confident in using...But I also have all this gorgeous art floating in my head from the studio tours and I just want to paint!! So, I'll be practicing...a lot...for a while. I'll get there again, if I let myself play and grow and find that groove.

I have been tangling and mail arting, not just day dreaming and lolly-gagging all week long. Certainly not giving up on these outlets I've come to love. These are a few  postcards I did last week:

A doodle flower postcard for Random Acts of Mail-Sharpie and Derwent watercolor pencil

and a couple abstracts using my old acrylics, Sharpie and white gel pen:

I never really played with anything abstract and it was so much fun to let go and experiment! I'd like to change up the colors and play some more--which is probably a good thing since I have TONS of old paint just sitting there taking up storage space...

And this is our last week before school starts, so lots of emotions swirling around...Sad summer's gone so quick, scared of my baby going off to middle school, happy to have some freedom back and not have to listen to whining about going grocery shopping and running errands or arguing about getting chores done...I have a bunch of stuff I want to cram in to our final week--beach, family movie night, bike trails...should be a great week! Hope yours is, too!

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  1. Lovely pieces - both the abstracts and the flowers. Great quote.