Monday, August 12, 2013

Mail Art Monday!

What a fantastic weekend we've just had! Our Bugga was fever free and feeling 100% better Saturday morning so off he went to spend the night at a friend's house and off hubby and I went on a much needed date! We haven't had a date night since our anniversary in March, I think! So, yeah, definitely overdue. We both wanted to see the movie, Elysium, with Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, and wow! This is seriously a Must See--I'd go see it again in a heartbeat, even though I cried and was so angry at the end...I just cried again while watching the trailer for the link above...Okay--so I'm sappy. Just go see the movie--you won't be sorry. Powerful message...and great action--and, heck, Matt Damon is really easy to look at--haha!
Oh! Then! Sunday we went on another open studio tour for the Art Drive and spent the afternoon cruising the coastline, soaking in some gorgeous sea and landscapes as we visited another dozen art studios--all completely different from the tour we took last month. The weather was perfect, sunny and bright but not too hot or humid. The houses and studios, some of the gardens we saw were amazing works of art in their own right...Most of the studios yesterday were right on the water, or near enough that phenomenal views could be enjoyed from the was down on a peninsula-the Westport Harbor--which is probably my favorite place on earth. We always see this picture perfect harbor town as we drive over the bridge to Horseneck Beach and I ogle out the window at the simplistic beauty of shingle clad Cape Cod houses and all the fishing boats, the sunlight reflecting off the water...Then! To actually BE there--so gorgeous...I was in heaven. Of course the guys headed straight to the water and found horseshoe crabs swimming in the shallows, a swan was lounging on the other side of the pier, lazily eating bread someone had left out in a pan while a seagull patiently waited for its turn...I almost forgot we had a studio to see there! Beautiful...Definitely have to go back!
Next weekend is the second half of the South Coast Artists Open Studio Tour and I'm already excited for that as well! We'll be heading to Rhode Island to see the studios we missed from the July tour--can't wait!
Anyways! So, it's Mail Art Monday and I have a little slew of cards I've been busy, busy working on all week! First up is a thank you note I did up for hubby and his sister to send to their cousin that they stayed with in New York the week before:

Sharpie, Signo Uni-ball white pen, and Inktense blocks for shading
Hubby has been my best customer this week! One of his lab guys just became a dad to a beautiful baby girl, so I did a cute little congratulations postcard with a matching envelope (not shown-sorry):

Sharpie, Derwent watercolor pencil
Then, sadly, another had lost his dad last week, so did a simple sympathy card:

Sharpie shaded with water soluble graphite
And our Ashlee turned twenty-six on Saturday! Hubby had already bought her a card so I prettied up the envelope...I love writing her name, it's so swirly and loopy and just so fun!
I found this quote and immediately the picture sprang to mind, so did up another quick postcard, either for a swap or Random Acts of Mail:

Sharpie and Koi watercolor
Working on finishing another card today for Random Acts of Mail, and I've started receiving swaps for Mail Me Some Art--it's so great to open your mailbox and find something bright and pretty besides just bills! Too fun! I love it. If you want to play or just see more fun mail art, click on the button below:
Mail Me Some Art


  1. Do you mail your art cards or email to people of radom friends free On Mondays? That is nice of you. Like your congrats card.

    Oh you are a busy Bee. Glad you and hubby got on a date to the movies.

    Wow Jodie Foster still around. Mercy. Where have I been. I did see a comercial of the upcoming movie.

    So it is a tear jerker and then a burst of anger. Interesting.

    With Jodie yes that is possible she would let her scenes move people to those degrees.

    1. The cards used for Random Acts of Mail are sent to folks who are going through a rough spell and need a little bright spot, whether for health or work or life in general. Those are the best to send. Other cards I use for swaps, which is a lot of fun, and sometimes I'll send a surprise card to an unsuspecting friend just to put a little sunshine in their mailbox =0)

      Jodie is stellar in Elysium--as expected. Such a great movie! Thinking about taking my kiddo just so I have an excuse to go see it again! Haha!