Friday, August 16, 2013

Daily Paper Prompts #'s 7, 8, & 15

I'm continuing to play with some of Daisy Yellow's Daily Paper Prompts this week. I reversed the order for prompts 7 (leftovers) and 8 (faded). I started with the page on the left--spray ink spritzed with alcohol to create the faded look, then allowed the wet ink to drip on the page to the right--thinking that the drippage would be my 'leftovers' but it didn't drip very much...Plus it's on just sketch paper which curled from the dampness--not so great. I played with a little stencil and made it worse--that page is probably headed for the garbage....
But, I took my faded page and, using prompt 15-words- and lettered a Scripture quote:

It could also be better...but, you'll have those days. Just have to keep moving on to the next project. Think I'll do a little tangling today and dreaming about the art studio tours coming up for the weekend! Yay!

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