Monday, August 19, 2013

Mail Art Monday and Studio Tour Wrap Up

Here we are, Monday again. Two final weeks of summer before the kiddos head back to school. We need at least one more beach day, a serious hair cut, and time to play with friends before September gets its claws dug in...
We had a gorgeous final weekend for the South Coast Artists Open Studio Tour. This time we headed for Rhode Island and two little coastal towns: Tiverton and Little Compton. Thirty studios claimed space along the way, so lots to see in not a lot of time. Saturday's studios weren't quite as inspiring as what we'd seen in July and last weekend for the Art Drive, though I did fall in love with one artist's work, Don Cadoret, and we nearly missed seeing him as the brochure had his work listed as a storybook artist, and I was more interested in locally inspired seascapes. Thank goodness we stopped! His incredible detail paired with stunning saturated color has completely stirred my own desire to paint again--acrylics, not just playing around with water soluble pencils...So--we'll see! I seriously need to stock up on some new paints as most of my old acrylics are drying up or just too clumpy for any decent work. Shop, shop, shop!! Haha--life is so hard!
But, yesterday, I fell in love with Little Compton! Such a beautiful, quaint, picturesque seaside town! We veered off course for a little while to go exploring along the very tip of the town:
An aerial view shot I snagged online--gorgeous area!
Huge old houses, lots of farms, and some seriously expensive real estate down in here! We stopped at one house that was up for sale (for just over a million and a half...) because of this gianormous tree that took up most of the front yard:
For $1,695,000 you could call this place home...


Could just hang out under here forever, I think...

Such a groovy, swirly trunk!
I fell in love with the incredible enormity of this tree and it's beautiful, twisted trunk and branches! If ever existed the perfect dreaming tree, this was it...Love it!! Then, off we went to finish off the tour--met lots of super nice folks, saw some great art and beautiful scenery. Definitely looking forward to the holiday tour coming up at the end of the year--and...maybe kinda hoping to be showing in the tour next year...You never know!!
But, back to reality...and Mail Art Monday! This is just a quick card I did for Random Acts of Mail last week-a daughter who is the sole caretaker of her elderly mother and just feeling the pressure and weight of that responsibility. It was pure joy to send a little love her way:

Sharpies and Neocolor II's

Inside sentiment
Last but not least this morning, got the cutest shot of Pea and Tuck out back the other day and just wanted to share:
Which way did he go??
Today, back to cleaning and card making while studio dreaming and reminiscing over all the beautiful pretties we got to enjoy this weekend--so much fun and inspiration! Have a great week!!


  1. I love your card - the front is so airy and whimsical, and your shading is superb. That lettering inside --- WOW! Coming over from CED.

    1. Thanks Jessica! Great praise coming from you! =0)

  2. Dawn, I love the card. The colors and design on the front are beautiful and the message is very inspiring.

    The tour sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing your weekend.

  3. I love your card, I find it so cheerful. And that lettering! Great!

  4. Perfect card with perfect position of colours!