Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Daily Paper Prompt #4 Flowers

I had picked up a copy of Cultivating Your Creative Life by Alena Hennessy a while back after hearing lots of great things about this book. I thumbed through it only to put it aside like I so (too) often do...I knew I'd come back to it when it was time. And that time must be now since I picked it back up yesterday and finally worked on the first few exercises.

First, you start with 'Weeding'-writing down negative thoughts about your creativity that you've either heard someone say along the way or your own self-doubts that become that negative self-talk that loops endlessly round and around in your head, nagging at you and pulling you down. Then, scribble over those remarks, cross them off, literally dismiss them. Done and gone. Then over top, you 'plant new seeds' of positive thoughts (it's all very deeply psychologically stimulating...) So after my scribbling over of the nasty negatives, I painted a layer of gesso, let dry, then drew this little garden of Permission--to grow, bloom, dream, and play--which also fell into line with Tammy's Daily Paper Prompt #4 for Flowers--tada!

I am way behind on prompts (ooo, shocked, right?) But definitely having fun playing! Hopefully I'll catch up a little more today...Have a great Wednesday!