Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Zentangle Tuezday

Mixing it up a little today--since I don't have any index cards to show ya' for ICAD's now Zentangle Tuezday (and I'll have to come up with something else for Thursday...hmmm...) But, Ms. Jane over at One Tangle has been putting up daily strings to play with and I've just enjoyed being back in Zentangle mode--thinking patterns and techniques and really soaking in the zen that comes from tangling. It works wonders for the soul.

Even so, I'm still fairly behind with her daily strings--she's just posted Day Seven and I only finished Day Three yesterday...But, no worry--I'm playing along at my own pace. It is summer after all--a time to play and create--not to fuss and fret.

I wasn't overly impressed with my Day Two string results-it just doesn't seem to have that 'flow' to me:

Bunzo, Cockles 'n Mussels, Onamato, Pokeroot
Day Three's I like a little better--just feels more dimensional and cohesive:

Fa├žade, Florz, Flutterpie, Hekzee, Insydout, Mi2, Tripoli,

I'm hoping to get our other laptop back today. The virus did some pretty hefty damage apparently...I don't understand how you can pay for a good anti-virus program and still end up with such a severe virus--just what am I paying for then??

Anyways--have a great Tuesday, try to stay cool--and thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Dawn thanks to introducing me to some fun things! These are fantastic! How long do these take? I never keep track of time but I think the details are so amazing...also we had to pay a hefty sum to get viruses off or computer recently as well. It's crazy! Happy Tuesday!

  2. Hi Dawn! Smaller ones can go as quickly as fifteen minutes to half an hour--these take a couple hours, mainly 'cuz I spend so much time overanalyzing and trying to decide what patterns to use =0)

  3. Your pieces are lovely! Such detail.