Thursday, July 11, 2013

Zentangle Thurzday

I'm doing pretty good keeping up this week! I've not really enjoyed the housework in the midst of all this ridiculous humidity--okay, so I honestly don't really enjoy housework at all but the added sticky, sweatiness just makes it all the more unpleasant. But, nonetheless, taking care of what needs to be done has its own satisfaction, and lends to a happier playtime when you've finished all those tedious chores--am I right?

So my super wonderful hubby let me buy this very cool Toned Tan Sketchbook by Strathmore a little while back as we were browsing through Michaels one day, and it's sat all this time waiting to be used...I imagined my sepia Microns shaded and highlighted with sepia and white charcoal pencils would look amazing on the tan background and so finally broke out all these toys yesterday for a quick little tangle...A favorite zentangle artist, Jane Monk, has started a new little blog dedicated to a daily tangle and I thought it could be fun to play along--I really do need to get back into a regular tangle practice. So, I used her beginning string, which you can see here, and got to tangling:

'Nzeppel, Orbs-la-dee, Quabog, Scallops, Strircles, and Tagh
I'm not thrilled with the final result but I do like certain aspects--the Orbs-la-dee and Strircles in both lower corners...the rest?? I let it all get a little too busy, I think. Too much, too much...But, we live and learn and hopefully today's work will produce something a little better...
Thanks, as always, for visiting--have a great Thursday!!

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