Tuesday, July 23, 2013

ICAD--Free Hot Dog--Tuesday

It's gently misting outside this morning, making a nice, muggy, sticky start to the day. Joy. The mosquitos are back as well. That was the one nice thing about the past two weeks of unrelenting heat and no rain--no mosquitos. But the slightest spritz of rain and those buggers are back in force. Fantastic.

So, I totally forgot that I had played with a few index cards last week...I went to pull out a new card to play with a crayon resist this morning and found these four waiting to be posted:

Some Inktense/Sharpie doodly flowers, a quick little mandala, and two attempts at clouds--one in watercolor, the other more Inktense play. Acrylic clouds are a whole lot easier for me...Still, it's always fun to play.

And TODAY! is National Hot Dog Day. I don't actually eat hot dogs myself but my guys love 'em--and 7-11 is offering a free hot dog to celebrate, but you have to have the app to get the mobile coupon--which you can find the app in the Play Store. I'm sure I'll be stopping there with Bug at some point today. Maybe I'll get myself a Slurpee--yum!

Looking ahead at the weather this week--the rain is disappearing from the forecast, making for some beautiful beach time!! Have to wait until Saturday to bring the hubster but hoping to sneak another day in in the meantime as well--one can never have too many beach days! Yay!

So--have a great Tuesday! Get yourself a hot dog and some ice cream (also National Ice Cream Week, by the by...) If you can, hit the beach! See you soon!


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