Monday, July 15, 2013

How My Hubby Rocks

Yesterday was just one of those days you wish you had stayed in bed. I spent most of my morning trying to get the old laptop to boot up, to no avail--thanks to Mr. Click Happy Bug who has a serious knack for finding viruses and killing computers...The weather's cranked back up into the nineties with a thousand percent humidity. I have a lovely (not) seepy and super itchy spider bite on my knee that was swollen to almost hard boiled egg size (fortunately it's gone down pretty quickly but just the thought of a spider bite gives me severe willies!) Got everybody up and mobile, hauled the defunct laptop to Office Max--where it's going to cost $180 to get the viruses cleaned out and everything running again (guess who's paying for it out of his X-Box money??) Thought we'd zip into the mall and get our wedding rings inspected (an every six month requirement to meet our warranty agreement and they were due last month...) Walked right past Kay's, all the way to the opposite end of the mall, found a directory only to realize we had to walk all the way back to where we'd come in (at least we'd be close to where we had parked, right? Little silver lining...sheesh!!) Tried to find a some solace in either a little chocolate or a sugary, fizzy pop, but absolutely nothing appealed to me at 7-11...I was beyond consolation (why the world needs to have great sympathy for my hubby and kiddo--those are not fun days to be around me...) *Sigh*...

Enter the only man on earth capable of making those days not just bearable, but all together wonderful--my hubby! We have these beautiful wood beams over the nook in our kitchen and I had decided I wanted a whale to hang up there--we are living in the nation's whaling capital, right? Gotta have a whale! But to buy one in a gift shop was more than I wanted to spend--the 'cheaper' ones started around $70 and went well above $100...So--hubby buys a perfect piece of wood at Home Depot yesterday for fifty cents--CENTS! Draws his own outline of the whale and cut it out, sanded, painted, and viola--my perfect whale!

It's exactly what I wanted and it looks great up on the beam!

Then...a little frosting for my cake...He took a trip out to one of our favorite antique shops with his sister and nephew later in the afternoon and brought home this lamp I had fallen in love with last year--I can't believe it was still there:

Isn't it cool? A perfect reading/work lamp--I love it!!
So my Mr. Right saved the day from being an utter disaster and turned it into a pretty great day after all...He really is awesome. And hoping for a much better week ahead, though the weather's not being agreeable--more nineties all week...meh. I just might move into the refrigerator until fall...Happy Monday, folks!

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