Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I'm Up To Now...

Sadly, the end of Letter Love is approaching and, like any good artist girl, my mind has begun a-wandering to think about what I should do next? It's so easy to find myself distracted and then completely lost, blocked, stumped, and confused...So, I took a good look at my bookshelf. Oh my...I have--wait, let me go count them--a good fourteen...fifteen...arting (not including writing) books I've bought, played with briefly, then (easily distracted) tucked on the shelf to go play with some new shiny object that caught my eye...That's not good. Plus, I had also just picked up the Spring issue of Art Journaling magazine, and I'm completely enraptured with the beautiful work that packs its pages...and I just want to PLAY!! Make pretty, pretty pages and paste and doodle and paint and stencil....aaahhh! Yeah, sometimes I have the attention span of a four year old trying to focus between a happy cupcake covered with sprinkles and pink icing, a new coloring book and box of sparkley, pretty crayons, and the cartoons blasting on the TV...Just give me ALL OF IT!!!
Anyway...So what I've decided to do:
1. Finish Letter Love
2. Read/play with one or two articles in Art Journaling magazine each day (before the Summer issue hits the news stands...)
3. I alphabetized all my art books ("I WILL have ORDER!" ala Dolores Umbridge) and am starting with Creative Doodling & Beyond by Stephanie Corfee since that came up first in the line up--and fits perfectly with my current direction--so will practice a page or two every day until I finish the entire book before I move on to the next (and no buying more books until I make it through the ones already on my shelf!) (Oh, I've said that before...)
And finally, 4. Faces. I've never been good at drawing people/faces. Mainly because I'm not crazy about people. I love animals and can doodle, draw, paint animals 'til my arting supplies run out. People...not so much. But, I'm drooling all over these gorgeous art journal pages and there are some amazingly beautiful faces in so many that I really, really want to draw and paint faces now (grrfff) So, the only way I know how to get better at things you're not naturally very good at is to practice. A lot. Like every day. The plan (always "The Plan"...) is to draw/paint a face every day. Until I get it. Which may be never. But, I will not be deterred and will give this my best shot. Until something else grabs my attention and off I go to play on that...Right? There really is no hope for me...
But, alas, a few pics of what I've done the last few days:
A painted background for Letter Love which then turned into this:

Creative Color Bands lesson

And this is my first Faces/Creative Doodling & Beyond page, with a couple quotes I found in Art Journaling magazine that I loved...So, the face wasn't too bad? Maybe I have hope?
Ooo! Sunday we went off exploring. We tried to find the Bird Island lighthouse in Marion but got turned around after asking directions and ended up here at Ned's Light in Mattapoisett:

I love lighthouses!

And seagulls!

Bugga on the rocks
 National Letter Writing Month continues...This was yesterday's stash:
So many creative people in our group--just too fun!
We are supposed to go to Buttonwood Park Zoo today with friends--the weather is looking perfect! Sixty-five and mostly sunny! I'm also supposed to be running this morning so I need to get off of here and get my butt out there...So Happy Wednesday all! Keep on Arting and see you soon!

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,
neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth,
nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us
from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
~Romans 8:38-39


  1. Way to go, Dawn! Beautiful doodles, textures and colors! The fave is a cutie, too. Sounds like some good plans are hatching.... Have fun :)

  2. I rather like your face - you just carry on......... oh I know the blocked feeling & the not finishing feeling ........&......&......
    Paula (PEP)

  3. Beautiful pages! I especially like the second one, great typography!

  4. Ah, so many fun things to do, so little time! You should see my pile of cookbooks - I am addicted to buying them, drooling over them and then.......they usually end up on the bookshelf! I think the face looks great :)